Programming the Universal Remote Control to an iLive Soundbar

ilive soundbar remote code

Soundbars provide good quality sound and music, and the iLive models are no exception. They usually work with remotes, but many find it difficult to keep a number of remotes for different appliances in check.

To help you find a convenient way to operate your iLive soundbar, this guide will show you how with a universal remote control and more. 

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Programming Universal Remote Control for iLive Soundbar

iLive ITBSW285B Bluetooth Soundbar

A good investment is to buy a universal remote control that can operate multiple items to eliminate junk and unnecessary control devices. With a universal remote control, you can incorporate many working appliances in one. Our team would advise you to read the given manual to get yourself accustomed to the functions and buttons to ease the setting up process.

These are the following steps and different codes below consisting of either three-digit, four-digit, and five-digit iLive sound bar codes to choose from to program your soundbar. There are multiple codes, so you have several options and can use the other codes if one of them doesn’t work.

iLive 37 Inch Wireless Bluetooth Sound Bar with removable stand

Following these steps, you can set your Universal iLive soundbar remote control using the multiple codes below.

  1. Make sure your soundbar is turned on, so you can start the programming process.
  2. Keep your universal remote faced straight towards the soundbar that needs to be programmed.
  3. Look for the button that says ‘MENU’ option on your universal remote. Press the ‘SETTINGS’ button and by pressing the program button, choose the ‘SOUND’ or any other item needed to be programmed.
  4. Following the above three steps, you should see the small light blinking four times. Simply choose any code from below for your device and enter to check if the light goes off. If the light does not go off, enter another from the list.
iLive Wall Mountable Sound Bar with Bluetooth

To check if you got your remote completely set, press any key regarding your iLive soundbar remote control’s specific function. If the remote does not work, do not worry, and repeat the same easy steps using another code from the list.

(If you are having trouble getting signals to your remote, then getting an IR Repeater is a smart choice)

Another Method to Set Up Your iLive Soundbar Universal Remote Control

  1. First of all, turn on your soundbar and make sure it’s working.
  2. Look at your remote control and find the button mentioned with the words “PROG” and simply press it until a small LED light turns on.
  3. After choosing the “SOUNDBAR” from the given options, look for the corresponding code relating to your soundbar from the above list in the space.
  4. That small LED light that was switched on would turn off, which would indicate you entered the right code, and there you go, you’re all set up.
iLive IHTB159B 5.1 Bluetooth Sound Bar Speaker

Your iLive Soundbar and Other Appliances Used with a Universal Remote Control:

The remote you already received with your ILIVE soundbar can act as a universal remote controlling other appliances. To check if it is so, operate your remote to find the “set” and “mode” options. 

Now, redo the same process mentioned above for different appliances to check if this remote works for that specific appliance. If these options are present, congratulations, the iLive soundbar remote is now a universal remote control and can be used to control other items.


There is no need to buy another remote control; use the ILIVE soundbar remote and program it for any appliance by following this easy manual. 

3-Digit Codes

  • 856
  • 734
  • 837

4-Digit Codes

  • 2113
  • 3175
  • 0816

5-Digit Codes

  • 33279
  • 72303
  • 32113
  • 23175
  • 33175
  • 42113
  • 31957
  • 43175

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