How to Turn on a Vizio TV Without a Remote: 3 Methods

how to turn on vizio tv without remote

Vizio televisions are one of the best, but what happens when you lose your Vizio TV remote? Fear not: your unit will still power up through other methods. Our team has compiled the methods on how to turn on a Vizio TV without a remote.

How to Power Up a Vizio TV Without Using a Remote: 3 Ways

Method #1: Use the SmartCast App

You can operate smart TVs such as the Vizio Smart TV without a remote by using a remote app such as Vizio SmartCast mobile app, and most importantly, to turn on the unit. 

The Vizio smartcast app can easily be downloaded on your respective smartphone app store by following the steps. 

Vizio smartcast app

1. Connect to your WiFi network and download the Vizio SmartCast mobile app.

For Android phones, download it from Google Play, and for iOS mobile phone users, connect to the same WiFi network, go to the App Store, and download the Vizio SmartCast app. 

Once downloaded, open the Vizio smartcast app on your mobile phone.

2. For first-time app users, pair your Android phone with your device. Select Devices > Add in the upper right corner of the screen. You will then be instructed to hold your mobile device near the unit for a while.

pairing Smartcast app

3. Once pairing is successful, select Control icon at the bottom of the screen.

4. Select Devices on the screen’s upper-right corner and choose your display from the remote layout.

5. Click the power button to turn on the unit.

6. You can now use your smartphone app to turn on the TV or turn it off via the Vizio smartcast app. You can change the channels, and adjust the volume and aspect ratio. 

Method #2: How to Turn on a Vizio TV With a PS4

If you’re a gamer with a PlayStation 4 console, you can turn on a Vizio Smart TV without a remote by using a PS4. 

1. Connect your PS4 and your TV together using an HDMI cable.

connecting pS4 to tv

2. Scrolling through the menu, select system settings or follow this prompt Setting > System.

3. Once selected, choose Enable HDMI Device Link.

4. The next time you power on your PS4, it should switch to the correct input and automatically turn on your TV as well. 

Method #3: How to Turn on a Vizio TV With a Nintendo Switch

Nintendo Switch gamers, do not fret! A Vizio Smart TV without a remote can be turned on using a Nintendo switch.

1. You may also use your Nintendo Switch console to turn on a Vizio Smart TV. Connect the Nintendo Switch console to the unit via the dock. 

Vizio TV system settings

2. On the Home screen, select the System Settings option.

3. Located at the left pane, select TV Settings, scroll down the list and choose Match TV Power State to turn it on.

4. Once the console is in sleep mode, the input switch will also turn off. Once the console is turned on, the smart TV will automatically switch to the proper input channel.

What to Know About HDMI-CEC and Xbox One

On the other hand, Xbox One users cannot turn on their Vizio television using the Xbox since the HDMI-cec cannot be enabled. The Xbox can control the television via an IR blaster and the Xbox Kinect; however, these items are no longer in production by Microsoft. 

Model-Specific Instructions

Reading your manual model-specific instructions is the best way to understand where the physical buttons are in most smart TVs. 

VIZIO P75QX-H1 P-Series on wooden cabinet

These instructions will help you access the navigating menus of your model. The instructional manual is both available in the manual and digital format. 

Other Buttons on a Vizio TV to Know

There are other Vizio television buttons apart from the power button on a Vizio TV remote. Other buttons include input buttons, volume control, and channel. 

Other Apps and Alternatives Worth Trying

Another alternative is using Google Chromecast, Google Home, and the app on your mobile phone to control your unit. 

These can send infrared signals and turn on Vizio TV without a remote. This can be accomplished by downloading your smartphone’s TV remote control app.


Where is the power button on a Vizio TV?

The power button is located on the bottom right or left corner of the device. The physical power button also acts as an input button. 

How do I increase the volume on a Vizio TV without using a remote?

You can still increase the volume of your Vizio TV by using the SmartCast Mobile App. You can increase and decrease the volume of your unit without the remote.

How do I program a universal remote control to a Vizio TV?

You may program a universal remote control to your unit by finding the code associated with it. The codes are numbers that identify which device to pair with so you can buy a new remote. 

How do I reset a Vizio TV without the remote?

You can reset your TV without the TV remote using the SmartCast mobile app. The app allows you to access the functions found on a regular remote from your phone.


Vizio TVs are gaining popularity as one of the best smart TV brands. Like other smart TVs, we initially rely on remote controllers to turn on a Vizio Smart TV.  If you cannot find the original Vizio remote, using the Vizio TV buttons is cumbersome. 

The methods listed are failproof when you need to turn on your TV. We do hope the abovementioned methods will help you the next time you or your family ask how to turn on a Vizio TV without a remote.


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