How to Turn on a Sony Soundbar Without Using a Remote? (Tried & Tested Ways)

You have bought a Sony soundbar to enjoy the deep range bass and surround sound system. However, you cannot find the remote resulting in mixed and unwanted settings. Worry not, as our technical team summarized the methods you can do on how to turn on your Sony soundbar without using a remote. 

Turning on a Sony Soundbar Without a Remote

Method #1: Power Switch on Soundbar

Not all Sony soundbars have a power switch button so the first thing you have to check is its presence in the soundbar. It is usually located in the bottom right side corner of the soundbar. 

If there are several buttons available, you may check the manual to know the right button. The power button is usually embossed and looks like this icon

Sony HTX8500 Soundbar

If there are more than one button present in the bottom right side corner of the soundbar and the manual is not available, try pushing all the buttons one at a time. The button that will make the LED lights blink is the power button. 

Once you have identified the power button, press and hold until the LED light flashes signifying that it has turned on.

Method #2: Connect to TV

Another way to turn on the sound bar is to connect and sync it to the TV. You may use an optical or an HDMI cable to connect the two, then turn on the TV. Go to the TV setting and select CEC and enable the HDMI function.  This will give the TV remote the control. 

If that fails, here is another method to connect the soundbar to the TV and control it using the TV’s remote. 

Sony ST5000 7.1.2ch 800W Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer

Before turning on the TV, make sure that they are connected through HDMI or optical cable. Turn on the TV and go to settings. Select Sony soundbar as the sound output and close settings. This will allow you to fully control the soundbar using the TV’s remote. 

Method #3: Sony Soundbar Control App

One of the best things about the Sony soundbar is that there are several remote control apps that can be downloaded from the app store (Google Play or Apple Store). You just have to choose the best app for your soundbar. 

The app uses an infrared (IR) sensor to control the soundbar so you have to make sure that your phone has the IR capability. The mobile device and the soundbar need to be in close proximity so the signal can bounce from the mobile device to the soundbar. 

soundbar controlling app

Before installing the app, make sure that your mobile devices IR [1] capability is working. Then, download the app to your smartphone. Open the app and try to turn on the soundbar using the remote control app. 

If the downloaded app does not work, try downloading another Sony remote control app as there might just have been some compatibility issues with the previous app. 

Method #4: Universal Remote Control

If the other methods mentioned above do not successfully control your soundbar, then another fix that you can do is to purchase a universal remote. 

rca universal remote

A universal remote works similarly as the remote control app, through the infrared signal that bounces from the universal remote to the Sony soundbar. It is important to remember that proximity between the two devices enhances their connection. 

Universal remotes can be purchased from your local electronic stores at cheaper prices but for optimum performance, it is best to purchase a replacement universal remote from authorized Sony dealers. 

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These methods mentioned above are effective ways on how to turn on the Sony soundbar without the remote. However, if all of these fail, it is best to contact Sony support as the issue may be deeper than just a lost remote control. If you just lost the soundbar remote control, then these methods provided by our experts will surely solve this problem. 

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