How to Reset Sonos Speaker? — Easy, Simple Steps for a Factory Reset

how to reset sonos speaker

Changing the system configuration of a Sonos system can sometimes lead to complications and further inconvenience. Surely, you would want to know how to reset Sonos speaker settings to save you from any more problems. Thankfully, our audio team is here to guide you. Here is how to reset Sonos speaker properly.

How to Reset Sonos Speaker

Before we begin, our team would like to note that some methods may eliminate registration information and any content saved in My Sonos content and music services from a Sonos product.

Here are the following steps you should follow closely:

Step #1: Remove Plug from Speaker

The first thing you have to do is to unplug the power cord from the power source, and then unplug it from the wall. After all that, you will have to disconnect the AC adapter from the wall. Remove the power cable from the AC adapter. Afterwards, you will have to locate a screw on the back of your Sonos.

While reconnecting the power cable, press and hold the Join icon. You can reconnect the control by pressing and holding the Play / Pause or Mute button if your product does not have the Join button. After that, keep the button down until it turns orange and white.

Step #2: Identify Correct Buttons for Your Sonos Speaker

To know how to reset a Sonos speaker, you must first identify the correct buttons including their function and their locations. They are usually located on the back, top, or side of your products. 

Sonos One (Gen 1)
  • For the Sub, the Join or Connect button is on the speaker’s right side.
  • For the Playbar, you should locate the right side of the soundbar. There, you can find the Pause button.
  • For the Playbase, the Join button is found on the left side of the speaker.
  • For the Beam, the back of the speaker is where you can find the Join button.

Step #3: Hold the Button of Your Sonos Speaker

When you first get your Sonos smart home player, you’ll find a reset button on the left side. There is a very small light that glows red and then goes off once the button is pressed. You just need to press and hold it for a few seconds. After which the LED screen will come up and show that the device has been successfully reset.

Step #4: Set Up Through Sonos

Open the Sonos app [1] on your iPhone or Android device. Then, create or sign in to your Sonos account after tapping Set up a new system. The instructions should all be very straightforward. 

grey Sonos speaker on wooden surface

On the popup that shows your Sonos product, tap Add. Click Continue then Set up items if you’re using the Sonos S1 software. Set up your Sonos Move or other Sonos products and add your music and voice services by following the process the app details. You can test if everything works with the voice control as well. 

How to Reboot Your Sonos Speaker

To reboot or reset your Sonos Speaker, you must remove the power cord from the outlet and wait for ten seconds. Then, allow one minute for the product to boot up after reconnecting the cord.

For Play 1, Play 3, Play 5 (Gen-1), Connect, Connect:Amp & Playbar, move away from the charging platform.  Play 5 Gen 2 will follow other rules. Then, switch off the status light, press and hold the power button for at least 5 seconds, and wait for ten seconds to process. The device has finished resetting when the light turns green.

Resetting Your Sonos App

For IOS or Android, you need to tap App Preferences from the Settings tab. Click reset, close the app and reopen it.

man in white shirt pointing at white phone

For Mac or PC, you need to select help from the drop-down menu. You can reset the controller by clicking ‘Reset Controller’.


How do I reset my speakers to factory settings?

To factory reset your Sonos speaker, first remove the speaker from the outlet. Keep in mind that this will erase all your previous data. Continue after a 10-second pause. When plugging the speaker back into the socket, hold down the play/pause button. 

Continue to keep the icon down. The top LED light will begin flashing amber and white in color. Then, let go of the button and the top LED light will flash green. Finally, the speaker’s settings will have been restored.

How do I factory reset my Sonos?

To factory reset a Sonos, unplug the power cord from your Sonos product or from the wall socket. Click and hold the Join button, Play / Pause button, or Connect button on the back, depending on which product you have. While still holding the handle, reconnect the power cable. When the top light starts flashing amber and white, release the icon.


When it comes to fixing your Sonos Play 1 speaker, Sonos Beam, Playbase, Sonos One SL, Play 5 Gen 1, Sonos Move or other Sonos devices and speakers, a simple reset will often suffice. However, in some cases, a complete reboot or reset is necessary for your home. 

For this, though, you have to set up your speaker again to your desired configurations once you have restored the speaker’s initial settings.

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