How to Reset an LG Remote Control? — A Step-by-Step Guide

how to reset lg remote control

LG Magic TV remotes control smart TVs by voice command and pattern gesture. However, your TV may fail to respond to your command, or the remote buttons may not function properly. Resetting it is your best option. Unfortunately, knowing how to reset the remote might not seem intuitive. 

The following steps by our technical support team will explain how to do that conveniently.

How to Reset a Magic LG TV Remote

If your remote control isn’t working doesn’t mean it’s broken. It’s pretty normal for your remote to malfunction once in a while, so you shouldn’t panic when it happens. There are a couple of ways you can get it to start working again.

Resetting a Magic LG TV Remote is straightforward if you follow these troubleshooting instructions below as enumerated by our technical experts. 

Step #1: Hold OK and Mute Button

Look for the OK and Mute Button on the remote. Hold and press down the two buttons simultaneously for some seconds. 

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Step #2: Point the Remote Towards the TV

Point the remote towards your LG TV and press OK to re-pair the button with your TV. 

Step #3: Wait for the Light to Blink

Wait for a power light indicator to blink on your remote. Once this light is visible, it means you have successfully reset your remote. 

Alternatively, you can switch off your TV, disconnect it from the power source, and connect it back after some seconds. This can help to reset the remote. 

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Do note that if the remote didn’t work with the above instructions, our technical team suggests checking the battery or changing the remote. It could be that the remote is defective. You can also contact the LG support team for further solutions on how to reset LG remote control. 

How to Pair the Magic LG TV Remote With the TV

Pairing the remote with your TV is usually the first thing you ought to do after purchasing a Smart TV. The Magic TV remote comes with a trackball, and it is this feature that allows the movement of the cursor on the Smart TV’s screen. It also has other buttons that you would find on a standard remote, but the remote may not work if it’s not paired properly with your TV. 

Typically, the remote will connect with your TV upon setting the TV up and putting it on. However, this may not happen, meaning that you will have to program it yourself. 

LG smart tv remote

Several factors could be the reason for your remote not pairing. The batteries could be old, or there could be infrared interference [1]. If this happens, no command would be registered when pairing the remote. 

It could also be that you replaced the batteries. Your remote needs pairing once the batteries are replaced. The following steps will pair the Magic LG TV remote with your Smart TV. 

Step #1: Plug RF Dongle

First, turn The TV on and plug the RF dongle into one of the USB ports on your TV’s back. Some RF dongles come included with the remote. 

Step #2: Connect With Remote

Wait for about twenty seconds and select OK to pair with the remote. 

LG AKB75095307 remote control

These steps work on all Magic Remotes not older than 2013.

Standard LG TV Remote vs. LG Magic TV

LG Magic TV remotes are for operating Smart TVs, unlike a standard TV remote. The Magic Remotes controls the TV by radio and infrared signals via an inbuilt infrared transmitter and a Bluetooth module. It also has a trackball at the center, similar to a computer mouse. 

Magic Remote allows you to control your Smart TV using wheel scrolling, pattern gesture, voice recognition, pointing, and clicking. This is also called the 5-way control. A standard TV remote has basic, flat controls, and they don’t have a trackball for controlling the cursor on the screen. 

How to Set Up a Magic LG TV Remote with a Universal Remote

You can also use your Magic LG TV remote to operate other devices in your home. The good thing about this is it will prevent you from owning several remotes. With just one remote control, you can operate both your Smart TV and other compatible devices. 

LG AN-MR21GC Magic Remote

However, you need to set it up with a universal control to use it on other devices. Below is how to set up a universal control on your Magic Remote. 

You can check out the Guide on your TV from the Home menu. Tap How to Operate TV > Universal Remote Control. Read and follow the instructions on the guide to set it up. 


It’s normal to experience issues with your remote control, especially if you change the batteries. However, resetting it can solve the issue to a great extent. 

By following these instructions from our technical experts, learning how to reset LG remote control would not be as complicated as once thought. 

Having technical issues with your television? Well, you can try the hacks we listed below: 

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