How to Pair JBL Speaker to Bluetooth Device in 4 Easy Steps

Spare yourself from the messy wires and use wireless tech to listen to music. If your device has Bluetooth, you can enjoy music and sound with JBL’s wireless speakers, wireless headphones, and soundbars. 

All it takes are four steps to finish the setup process, which is identical to most. Here’s our team’s guide on how to pair JBL Speaker with your device.

Charge and Power On

Make sure your speaker is charged before powering it on. There’s usually a rubber flap at the back or at the side of your JBL speaker. Lift it up to see the audio and charging ports of the device.

JBL Charge 3 Close Up

First thing you need to do is to grab the charger that comes along with the device. Connect the micro USB cable into the charging port, and your JBL speaker should emit a red light to indicate that it’s charging. 

Charging a JBL speaker to full power approximately takes 3.5 hours. Once it’s fully-charged, the red light turns off by itself. You can now press the power button to turn the device on.

Pairing Mode

If your speaker, headphone, or soundbar is brand new and hasn’t been connected to Bluetooth before, it automatically goes into pairing mode once it’s turned on.

JBL Charge 3 waterproof testing

The blinking LED light should indicate the device is already in pairing mode. If you have previously connected your JBL speaker to a bluetooth device, you can manually put it in pairing mode. 

To do this, press the bluetooth button for at least 3 seconds. The LED light should blink once it’s set in pairing mode. JBL speakers usually have dedicated bluetooth buttons. While JBL headphones have the power button working as a bluetooth button as well.

Once the LED light is flashing or blinking, your device is now on pairing mode. It should be discoverable on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Find JBL Device

Now that your JBL Speaker is in pairing mode, it should be detectable on your mobile device. Here are the different ways to pair your JBL speaker, depending on the device you’re using.


If you have an Android phone, all you need to do is go to Settings and find “Bluetooth”. Turn on your bluetooth settings and select “Pair new device.”

Your JBL speaker should come up on the list. Tap and select it to pair the JBL speaker with your device.


The pairing process is similar with your iPhone, too. Just go to Settings and select “Bluetooth,” and turn on your bluetooth settings.

pairing JBL speaker to iPhone

A list of devices should appear. Look for your JBL speaker and select it. If it’s not showing, you can find it under “Other Devices.” Just tap on it to connect your device.


For your Mac, click on the bluetooth icon on the upper right side of the toolbar. If you don’t have the bluetooth icon, select the Apple menu with the apple logo. Click on “System Preferences” and select “Bluetooth”

The JBL device should appear on the list of bluetooth devices that are ready for pairing. Select it and click “Connect.” If it asks for authorization, click accept and pair your device with your JBL speaker.


For your Windows laptop, open up your system settings and select “Bluetooth and other devices.”

JBL connected to desktop computer

You can do this by clicking the bluetooth icon in the toolbar and selecting “Show bluetooth devices.” If the Bluetooth icon is nowhere to be found, click the upward arrow on the bottom task bar and you’ll find it there. You can also choose to search for “Bluetooth” on your Windows search box.

A window should come up with “Add a device” displayed. Find the JBL speaker in the list and tap on it to connect.

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Confirm Successful Pairing

Once your device is successfully paired with the JBL speaker, the LED light should stop blinking. An audio confirmation will play once your devices are successfully paired, usually a tone or a voice confirmation.

phone connected to JBL speaker

Troubleshooting Your JBL Speaker Connection

If you followed all the steps above and didn’t get to successfully pair your devices, try following these options:

  • Double check if the Bluetooth of both devices are turned on and repeat the above process.
  • Make sure two devices are in close proximity to one another and are fully-charged.
  • Turn on your mobile device’s Bluetooth before putting your JBL speaker in pairing mode.


As seen on this guide, it’s easy and straightforward to pair your JBL speaker with your preferred Bluetooth [1] capable device as it only takes 4 easy steps. Our team hopes that this guide on how to pair your JBL Speaker has been helpful.

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