How to Pair a Firestick Remote — A Step-by-Step Guide

Whether your original remote has unpaired itself from the Fire TV or if you’re looking for help to set things up, our experts have your back. However, you want to make sure you do things right in order to get things working and not accidentally pair to the wrong device. Follow our easy guide below to get started.

How to Pair Your Fire TV Stick Remote to the TV

Step #1: Unplug Fire Stick From the TV

The first step is to unplug your Fire TV device from the power outlet and wait for it to turn off or shut down completely before moving on to the next step.

Step #2: Remove the Batteries from the Remote

Turn your Fire Stick remote over and open the remote chamber on your existing remote by sliding off the cover and taking the old batteries out. 

Step #3: Plug the Fire Stick Back to the TV

The next step is to plug the Fire Stick TV back into the power source and switch it back on. You may have to wait for up to a minute until the Fire Stick TV stick appears on the TV screen.

Plugging the Fire TV Stick on a TV

Step #4: Press the Home Button to Establish Connection

When the home screen appears, replace the batteries in your Fire Stick remote and press and hold the “home button” on the remote to establish a connection when the light on the remote starts blinking.

Step #5: Wait for the Menu Screen on the TV

If it’s working, you should see the Menu screen pop up onto your TV. As the Amazon Fire TV stick pairs with a Bluetooth remote, it would be helpful to keep the distance within 30 feet without obstructions in between the devices. 

How to Pair a Replacement Remote

If you are looking to pair a new or replacement remote, then follow the below few steps.

Step #1: Select Settings on the Fire TV App

Instead of the menu button, press the “home button” and locate the “settings” gear to prompt the settings menu list to appear.

Controlling a TV with a Fire TV Stick or Firestick

Step #2: Select “Controllers and Bluetooth Devices”

You will see many selections on the menu home screen such as “notifications”, “network”, “account and profile settings” along with “preferences”. Find “controllers & Bluetooth devices” on the next screen and then choose “add Bluetooth devices”.

Step #3: Add a New Remote

In order to add a new remote, you should put your Amazon Fire TV remotes into pairing mode. Once the name of your Fire Stick remote pops up onto the screen, select it and then press and hold the “home” button on your Fire Stick remote for at least 10 seconds for your Fire TV devices to recognize the third party remote.

Press “select” on your old remote to choose the new remote and you should be able to use the new one from now on.

Pairing a Different Firestick Remote

There are various versions of Amazon Fire TV remotes, but not all of them are compatible with every Fire TV model. How to pair a Firestick remote to your TV will depend on the version you have. In order to make sure your new remote is compatible with your Fire TV, our experts suggest checking with Amazon [1].

Two Fire TV Stick remotes

Once you’re sure you have a compatible remote, you can pair a non-Firestick TV remote to replace your old remote, but again, our team says the potential new Firestick remote must be compatible. The key is to have them run on the same Bluetooth profile.

Your new remote should state whether it can be an Amazon Fire Stick remote or not, or at least the Bluetooth it runs on. If it’s compatible, follow the steps below:

Head over to the Fire TV menu, choose “controllers & Bluetooth devices”, and then “other Bluetooth devices”.

Click “add Bluetooth devices”, and wait for the Amazon Fire TV stick to scan for your new replacement remote. Once it has been located, select the remote and wait for it to pair. The same method can be used for a new game controller as well, but instead, you would select game controllers on the menu.

Alternative: How to Use Your Phone as a Remote

Our media team’s favorite alternative is to use the Amazon Fire TV remote app to control your Fire TV Stick. You can find the app on the Amazon app store under “Amazon Fire TV app” to add it to your home screen. On Android devices, the app is in the Google Play store.

Person using a phone

Once the app is successfully installed on your phone, open the app and find your Fire TV stick device to connect. If your device doesn’t show up, click “new devices” to add it.

You will then need to sign in to your Amazon account by entering your username and password then entering the 4-digit PIN for the Amazon Firestick remote control into the TV.

Once that’s done, you can now use your phone to control your Amazon Fire Stick TV.


How can I pair a Fire TV Stick Remote to a Roku TV?

You can pair a Fire TV Stick remote to a Roku TV by pairing the TV stick with the Roku TV or a regular TV. First, check the compatibility, then head over to the Roku TV settings, find the option to select Bluetooth devices, and pair the Fire Stick remote when it appears onscreen. 


How to pair a Firestick remote to your Fire TV device is quite simple if you know what to do. You can pair up to seven remotes to a single Amazon Fire TV stick for your convenience. You may have to follow all the steps outlined above for each additional remote, but be sure to check for pairing compatibility first. 


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