How to Make Your Surround Sound Louder? — Easy and Intuitive Steps to Follow

how to make surround sound louder

Buying your new set of high-tech speakers must be rewarding, but if you feel the need to take their volume to a higher notch, then this guide is for you! Learn how to enhance your surround sound experience in 3 easy steps below.

Improve Your Listening Experience

The quality of speakers partially depends on their price points, but what’s more important is how you configure and set them up.

Loudness can only do so much to your overall listening experience. After all, what’s the point if all you can hear are beats and drums but faint voices and inconsistency?

home theatre watching tv

The best way to adjust the loudness and quality of your surround system is to simply adjust your setup manually. Doing so will enable you to make your surround sound experience personal and unique.

Here are the following methods you can follow to make your surround sound speakers louder.

Check Your Media Source

Sometimes, it’s the quality of the media source that isn’t optimized. In such cases, it’s best to check whether your media contains the best quality:

  1. Make sure your stream is set to its highest quality. 
    • Spotify can stream up to 320 kilobits-per-second (kbps), so you may use that as a reference! 
    • You’re better off with 1080p quality videos for Youtube because excellent video quality also ensures superior audio quality.
  2. Program your equipment to accommodate 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound audio formats. Most playable media are formatted to be compatible with such equipment. You just need to fix your box settings. 
  3. Try multiple audio sources. Do not be afraid to branch out to different platforms.
Phone playing music

Finish this step by also adjusting your receivers and peripherals [1].

When in doubt, do not hesitate to power cycle your audio components. Your problem may well just be the unresponsiveness of your system.

Balance Your Front and Surround Speakers

The rule of thumb is that your front speakers should always be louder than your surround system.

While this guide is for how to make your surround sound louder, trust us on this. Always remember to find the balance with your front speakers.

  1. Find your usual position. Comfortably sit down like how you normally would.
  2. Adjust your controller’s master volume to the listening level you’re most comfortable in.
  3. Initiate the controller or preamp test tone.
  4. Adjust the volume levels of each volume until you perceive them in a similar volume.
home theatre layout

Position Your Speakers

Now that your volume levels are balanced, this last step will deal more with how to generally set up your system to get the most out of the experience. 

This includes your front speakers, your channel speakers, and the surround system itself.To help you ease through the process, here’s a short guide:

1. Center your front speakers and align them with the TV display.

2. Angle your left and right channel speakers at a distance from your front speakers. Think of aiming these to target the audio towards you, the viewer.

Sony STR-DN1080 7.2 ch Surround Sound Home Theater AV Receiver placed in a living room

3. Level all your speakers at ear level. The closer their height is to your auditory height, the better your listening experience will be.

4. Position your subwoofers close to your channel speakers. Adjust it according to bass and reverb strength depending on how much you would want to have all, of course, from your reference position.

5. Consider moving your 5.1 surround speakers to the sides of the room to increase the depth of the sound. Larger rooms can accommodate a 7.1 system positioned at the rear walls for crisper ambient sounds. Otherwise, the sides are perfect, too.

(Want to upgrade the sound system of your computer? Well, using a 7.1 surround sound on PC is possible with these easy-to-follow steps)


This guide doesn’t delve too much into the technicalities for your tips and tricks. Instead this looks through the manual adjustments you may sometimes overlook: sources, connections, and positions. The subjective and perceived sound is always made better by the minor adjustments you make.

Tired of your usual speaker audio quality? Then, upgrade your system to a surround sound without even using a receiver with this simple guide. Read next! 

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Willie Greer
Willie Greer
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