How to Hang a TV on a Brick Wall Without Drilling? Elevate Your TV Without Hassle

For decades, the television has become an integral part of our living room setups. In most modern home designs, televisions are mounted on the wall, exuding elegance while saving space. However, it is challenging to discern how to hang a TV on a brick wall without drilling. Fortunately, our experts have listed the best ways to do this task without ruining your wall.

How to Hang a TV on a Brick Wall Without Drilling?

To hang a TV on a brick wall without drilling entails careful consideration. You need to consider other factors such as the condition of your wall, the weight of your TV, objects beneath your TV and more. 

It would also be best to determine the tools such as TV stands, clamps, and special adhesives that you need to use in mounting your TV on the brick wall. With the following materials, our team will elaborate on the best methods to hang the TV on a brick wall without drilling.

Methods on How to Hang TV on a Brick Wall Without Drilling

Set up Hybrid TV Stands

One method that you can use to hang a TV on a brick wall without drilling is using set-up hybrid TV stands. This type of TV stand doesn’t mount the TV on a wall but instead uses a stand to hold it.

TV Floor Stands

This set-up will protect your brick wall while still saving space. Hybrid TV stands in Samsung Q60A series TVs, for instance, provide a small set of shelves for any accessories for your televisions. It also provides a spot wherein you can hide the wires for better visual effect.

Use Brick Clamps

Another method that our experts tried is using brick clamps to securely hold the TV without drilling it into the brick wall. Clamps had been used for decades, so this option is time-tested and reliable. Brick clamps hold approximately up to 30 pounds using their saw-tooth edge, so if your TV is heavier, you will probably need more clamps to hold it.

Practical for a range of uses, from hanging wreaths to supporting wires or holding up a trellis, these aluminum clamps let you attach objects to a brick wall without having to drill holes.

Stick Heavy-Duty Tape or Glue

You can also hang your TV on a brick wall by sticking heavy-duty tape or glue. Although adhesives or glues are mainly used for picture frames or paintings, a stronger bond is made to carry heavier loads.

soundbar and tv mounted on wall

However, it is best to consider seeking a professional opinion on how well these adhesives will stick before using them on your televisions. This may not be the safest option that our team would suggest, but since adhesives are non-invasive, they can mount your TV without harming your wall. 

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Attach TV Hanger

Suppose your brick wall has damages that make it impossible for other attachments, you may consider attaching a plastic-hard hanger to mount your TV. TV hangers are inexpensive but strong. However, these hangers tap the nails into your brick wall, so if you aren’t willing to risk your wall, this method may not be the best option for you.

Use Rails

You can also use rails to mount your TV on a brick wall. Typically, rails are used for mounting picture frames and artworks. However, these rails can also secure hold for your TVs while keeping your brick wall pristine. Rails are also flexible, so it allows you to move your TV around. Rails are made from various materials such as wood and metal.

Advantages of Hanging TV on a Brick Wall

There are various advantages of hanging a TV on a brick wall, securing safety and reducing clutter in your living room. Besides giving off a modern look, you can also save space when mounting your TV on a wall. Sometimes, having a TV cabinet tends to overcrowd a room, especially when you have limited space. 

FITUEYES FT-S3602MW Swivel Floor TV Stand

Hanging a TV on a wall also ensures a safer distance from accidental bumps by cats, kids, or dogs. And since the minimalist look is the trend, you can easily achieve that look by reducing your living room’s overall clutter[1].‍

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Can you mount the TV wall without drilling?

Yes, you can mount your TV wall without drilling using brick clamps, a hybrid TV stands, heavy-duty adhesives, and other methods mentioned above. You may also use a drywall anchor, purchase a bracket, and a screwdriver instead of a drill.

Can you hang a TV on a brick wall?

Yes, you can hang a TV on a brick wall using rails, TV plastic-hard hangers, brick clamps or adhesives. However, if you don’t know how to hang a TV on a brick wall without drilling a hole, you may opt to use sleeve or wedge anchors and a metal TV mount. If drilling a hole on your brick wall doesn’t upset you, you may use a hammer drill and a masonry bit; you can drill pilot holes for the anchors. 


Our team of experts concluded that learning how to hang a TV on a brick wall without drilling is very crucial, especially if you want to preserve your brick wall in its pristine condition. You can always ask for professional help to ensure that the methods you want to use are safe and secure.

Depending on your preferences and needs, these methods will work best when done with precaution, precision, and mastery. Whatever method you decided to choose, hanging your TV is still considered a wise move.

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