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Wouldn’t it be great if you could have a pair of speakers that are versatile enough to connect to all your media devices? For starters, you could have computer speakers that can do that. Our experts will help you gain better sound from PC speaker pairs by showing you how to connect computer speaker to TV.

Why Connect Your TV to Computer Speakers

Why should you even attempt to connect your computer speakers to TV? A good reason to directly connect your computer speaker system to a television is for versatility. It would be excellent if your computer speakers could produce high-end sound quality that can accommodate TVs too.

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When you have found the right speakers, you can follow our guide below to connect them to your television.

How to Connect Computer Speakers to Your Television

There are several ways to connect your computer speakers to your TVs as speakers use wired and wireless connection. For wired connection, you can either use the RCA cable, also known as the red and white cable, due to the red and white coloring on the two RCA audio jacks.

If RCA cables aren’t available, you can also do it via the computer jack, which is similar to the 3.5mm stereo headphone jack, and you also have wireless options if you have Bluetooth built-in speakers. Let’s tackle the use of RCA cable first.

RCA Cable

A TV that’s 26 inches or larger will have RCA cables. Look on the back of the TV to locate the red white outputs. Standard RCA cables should do the trick, which are available at your local audio store or online. Just make sure they have the red white markings on separate jacks.

RCA cables

Top-notch computer speakers under 100 with RCA cable connection should also have similar ports located on the back. Once you have found the corresponding ports, just insert the red and white cables into the correct color inserts to hook up your computer speakers to the TV.

Sometimes the TV will have a smaller port, which will require you to use mini RCA cables. There will also be TVs that do not feature an output port for RCA output jacks, but don’t panic yet. You can connect directly the PC speaker to your satellite or cable box to achieve the same audio effect. 

The same methods apply to your TV using an RCA audio output jack with the satellite receiver or cable box.

Computer Jack

The computer jack, also known as the headphone jack or 3.5mm audio jack is the second option our experts suggest. You’re in luck because your computer speakers should already include the cable you need. It’s now just a matter of locating the ports on the TV and your computer speakers to connect. 

speaker in a computer set

The computer jack cable may not be very long, which won’t get you much flexibility for placement. Your computer speakers should be close to your TV and make sure you turn both devices off before using.  

Our experts also instruct to turn the TV volume level down first. You don’t want to get a jolt from your speaker sound when you turn everything on.

Wireless Connections

Perhaps the most popular way to connect two devices directly together without having a lot of cables running around is the wireless option. In this case, the most common wireless connection speakers use is Bluetooth. 

Since it is completely wireless, connecting speakers with Bluetooth will not involve a plug or cable. All you need to do is place the devices in an optimum range from one another and put both TV and speakers into pairing mode. Make sure you have made your PC speakers “discoverable”, so the TV can locate them.

Then turn on your TV, enter into the menu selection or go into your TV’s settings and find Bluetooth and click on the PC speakers. Once pairing is successful, there should be some sort of notification in the form of a sound, solid lights, or a message on your TV.

Things to Consider Before Connecting Your Computer Speakers

How to connect your computer speakers to a new TV sound pretty straightforward and is great for surround sound or high end audio quality, but there are things to consider before you do it.

You may also be wondering why your expensive plasma or OLED flat screen new TV built-in speakers have such poor sound quality. Shouldn’t the expensive price reflect the audio output? 

Our experts say that a lot of the technology goes into the visuals, since that’s what a TV’s meant to do: provide you with the best picture. This is why the TV’s built-in speakers often produce flat or tinny audio effects. But that’s okay because you can use computer speakers to rectify the problem. 

Computer speakers may not be able to achieve stereo, surround sound or the sound quality of a soundbar, but they do work well in a pinch. If you aren’t a hardcore audiophile or cinephile, PC speakers can be put to good use as a permanent solution.

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You do need to pick the right PC speakers even under 50 when considering using speakers with your TV. How to connect speakers and the connections they offer will determine if they are compatible with your TV. So how do you choose the right computer speakers to connect to your TV? 

First, establish the type of sound you want by analyzing the type of content you watch. Do you like big explosions, high volume levels and a lot of action movies, or are you a drama-focused viewer that appreciates a well-written script? Do you want stereo sound or higher end surround sound? 

If you like the booms and bangs in modern-day action films, then you will need a more powerful and high end speaker to do the job your TV’s internal speakers cannot. However, if you like the conversations and intelligent scripts, you will need to get TV speakers that have some sort of dialogue audio enhancement.

Sometimes the simple addition of components such as a subwoofer can greatly improve your TV volume and audio output than a TV using regular speakers. If you have used a subwoofer before, you will know the audio difference it can make. For lovers of booming bass, a subwoofer is almost a necessity. 

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Then you need to consider the size of your room to figure out the placement of your PC speakers. If you are used to cinematic sound quality that has better sound than stereo and you have a large room, then your speaker size needs to reflect that.

Our experts remind you that smaller PC speakers can do the job in a small room because it’s all about how the sound is bounced around and reflected off the audio.

Lastly, consider the budget. Sure, audio quality is one of the most important things to consider when you are using a speaker, but much better sound will also come with a much higher price tag.

However, our team will not suggest compromising the quality of the build and audio output of your speakers for a lower price tag. PC speakers, especially if you plan on having them long-term, are an investment. Purchasing one of high-end quality speakers from the get-go is the way to save you from having to constantly replace lower end speakers.

Important Reminders

An important aspect of connecting your computer speakers to the TV is the form of connection you choose. This will greatly affect the placement and the layout of your home entertainment setup. If you choose to go the wireless route, your external speakers will need to be within 30 feet of the TV.  

two people watching netflix on tv

If you want to go with a wired connection, you have to ensure that the speakers using the connection you choose are compatible with your TV.

The right plug size for the audio output jack is also very important. Like we briefly mentioned, there are standard cables like the red/white markings and ones of a miniature size. Not only is that true for analog connections but digital audio as well. Make sure the plug size is right before you plug in your speakers to your TV.

For your viewing pleasure and convenience, you can use your remote control with both the TV and the speakers. Don’t forget about the warranty or guarantee if you are purchasing new audio equipment.

You don’t want to use your new speaker for just a few days and have it break down. If your speakers arrive damaged or faulty, a good warranty will go a long way.


Can you use computer speakers with a TV?

Yes, you can use computer speakers with a TV, all you have to do is find the compatible connection. The most common forms of connection to connect your speakers are via RCA, headphone jack or wireless connections.

How do I hook up computer speakers to my TV?

You can hook up computer speakers to your TV by locating the correct connection ports or by using Bluetooth[1]. Find the ports on the back of both devices and plug in the correct cable jacks. If you’re using Bluetooth, put both TV and speakers into pairing mode and make them discoverable. Remember to turn the speakers volume down while doing this.


There are many answers to how to connect computer speaker to TV. You can choose the wireless way or go with wired options to set up your entertainment room. Whichever option you decide to use, make sure both devices are compatible.

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To find the right speakers, ask yourself the type of content you enjoy, the budget you have carved out and the placement to create the best home system.

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