How to Connect Anker Soundcore Speakers? — Pair With Other Device Seamlessly

Connecting and tweaking your Bluetooth speakers can be tricky and a little sensitive. Sometimes it’s about timing, and sometimes the connections are just off.

Here’s a guide to help you navigate how to pair your Anker Soundcore to your devices.

Prepare Your Device

First things first, verify that the speakers are on. 

Press the power button at the top of the speakers for about a second. A sound will indicate that it’s on and a steady white light will show.

If your speakers have never been paired before, a blinking blue light will appear on top of the speakers will indicate your speakers are discoverable. From here, you will now be able to connect it to your device.

Anker Soundcore Speaker

Connecting Anker Soundcore to Mobile Devices

Android Phone

For Android users, go to your Settings and click Connections. Enable the Bluetooth function and the gray switch will turn blue

Your phone will scan for any available Bluetooth devices, which will show up on the screen. 

Once Soundcore 2 shows up on the list, select it. A confirmation sound and a steady blue light tell you that the devices are paired.


Click Settings and enable your Bluetooth connection. The phone will automatically start scanning for available Bluetooth devices to pair with. Soundcore 2 will show up on the list, click it

Once you hear a confirmation sound and see a steady blue light, the devices are connected.

Anker Soundcore Speaker on a couch

Connecting Anker Soundcore to Other Devices

Windows 10 Laptop

To begin, start your Windows laptop and press the “Windows + I” hotkey which will bring up the Windows Settings. Click on the Devices and then turn on the Bluetooth of the laptop. Afterwards, click on the “Add Bluetooth or other device” button

Your laptop will scan for any available devices. Wait about 2 to 5 seconds until Soundcore 2 shows up on the list, then select it. A confirmation sound and a steady blue light will confirm that the devices are connected.

Connect It to a MacBook

Connecting to a MacBook is just as easy with Windows. Go to your System Preferences and click Bluetooth. Click “turn Bluetooth on” and your laptop is now discoverable.

The laptop will start scanning for any available Bluetooth devices. Select Soundcore 2 when you see it on the list. Afterwards, a steady blue light and a confirmation sound will tell you that the devices are connected.

setting up Anker Soundcore Speaker

Connect Anker Soundcore to Another Device

If you want to connect the Anker Soundcore to another device, the first step is to shut off your device’s Bluetooth [1]

Next, return your speakers to pairing mode manually:

  • Press the Bluetooth button on the top of the speakers.
  • The blinking blue LED light means the Anker Soundcore is ready to pair.

You can now pair your speakers to a new device.

Other Features of Anker Soundcore Speakers

Now that you have connected your speakers to your device, here are a few interesting and helpful features that you can use with  your speakers.

  • The “Power” button needs to be pressed for one second to turn the speakers on and off. SoundCore will automatically connect to the last connected device available.
  • If you are using a device with voice control software, you can activate it by holding down the “Play” button for one second.
Anker Soundcore Speaker on a table
  • You can answer an incoming call by quickly pressing “Play” and you can reject one by holding down the same button for a second.
  • You can place a current call on hold by pressing the ‘Play’ button or switch between held and active calls.
  • If you want to transfer the call from speaker to phone, press the “Play” button for one second.

How Do I Charge the Anker Soundcore?

The speakers come with a micro-USB cable included in the unit box. You will find the charging port on the right-hand side of the speaker underneath a waterproof flap.

Use the micro-USB cable to connect the speakers to either your laptop or a wall plug. If you have one for your phone, that will work just fine.

ports of Anker Soundcore Speaker


The Anker Soundcore can connect to a number of devices as exemplified in this guide. Hopefully, this post has shown you all the methods you can connect your speaker. Just make sure to follow them closely for a successful connection.


Willie Greer
Willie Greer
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