How High to Mount a TV: A Guide to Having Your TV at Eye-Level

Having your TV mounted at eye level can seem daunting.  You might think that making a mistake means repeating the arduous process and wrecking your wall.

There’s no need to worry because we’re here to help you avoid that. Before drilling holes into your wall, our technical team will teach you how to find the right height to mount your TV in this guide.

Mounting Your TV at the Correct Height: Key Considerations

Take note of these 4 factors if you want to know how high to mount a television at eye level. We’ll quickly talk about them below.

#1: Your TV's Size

The size of the TV is a huge deciding factor in terms of your mounting location. It also determines its proper distance from the floor. Here are some of important tips, taking into consideration the size of the TV:

soundbar and tv mounted on wall
  • Your chosen location should be at an eye-level height and provides comfortable viewing
  • Mount your television at an ideal height that fits your room space
  • Wider televisions are usually mounted higher than smaller ones

Another reason why it’s important to know the size of your TV is it’s how you gauge which TV mounts you should be using!

Finding the Size of Your Flat-Screen TV

To find the size of your flat-screen TV, you should take careful measurements first. The easier way to measure your TV size would be to look at the manual that includes manufacturer specifications.

#2 Your Room's Size and Layout

Room size is already self-explanatory, but why mount a TV that’s too large for your room? Since that’s a matter of common sense, let’s talk about the layout of your room.

There are some common questions you should be asking yourself when considering where to mount your TV:

tv and soundbar
  • How much space does the wall have?
  • Which direction will my TV be facing?
  • Where will I be seated while watching TV?
  • Will there be glare from the sun hitting my TV screen?
  • Will there be any objects between the television and where I’m sitting?
  • Will there be anything above or below my TV?
  • Where are the electric outlets?

That might seem like a lot of questions, but it’s all simple once you think it through. It’s all about how well your TV fits in and around the stuff you have in your room.

If You're Having Your Flat-Screen Mounted in Your Game Room

The common game room scenario would be you watching TV on the floor. We don’t mean while seated on the floor though. A good example would be you standing and waiting for your turn at the pool table.

In this case, your mounting height should be a bit higher. For the average person with a height of 5’6″, 60 inches on-center should put the center of the TV at eye level!

If You're Placing Your TV in Your Home Bar

You’ll probably be watching your TV while sitting on bar stools in this scenario. These stools are higher than your couch so your home bar TV’s eye-level is going to adjust too.

To find the best TV mounting height for your home bar TV, simply add 24 inches to the height of your stool. The right height for your screen should be in the center of that total!

If You're Mounting the TV Above Your Fireplace

The main thing to consider if you want your TV mounted above the fireplace is how hot the wall gets when the fire is lit, as the heat could damage your TV.

To keep your TV safe, you should leave a clearance of at least 6 inches from the top of your fireplace mantel to your TV’s bottom. You could make it 12 inches to be sure! Don’t have it mounted too high though.

Tip: Check your TV’s warranty [1] because mounting it above a fireplace could void it.

#3: Optimal Viewing Distance

Make sure to get the right viewing distance when you watch TV. The optimal viewing distance is based on your TV screen size, TV height, and TV resolution.

children watching tv

But to be honest, choosing the correct TV height really depends on your viewing position. Your position affects your eye level, viewing angle, and the overall viewing experience.

Think of it as your favorite spot when sitting in a movie theater. You would probably pick the middle row and center seat; just the right distance and at eye level too. If you remember this key point, you have to be able to cozily watch TV without needing to raise your head!

That sweet spot based on where you’re watching from is what matters.

#4: Your Personal Preference

When in doubt, go with your personal preferences on how high to mount a TV. There are some rules that follow specific measurements from the floor to the TV center.

The above considerations and measurements are also a good place to start. At the end of the day, it won’t matter if you don’t like the wall mounting height of your TV!

One thing you can do is, after measuring, try placing something on the center point of where your flat-screen television is going to be mounted. See if you found your ideal viewing angle.

Also, test it out from your usual sitting position. If you’re not feeling it, change it up.

How to Mount Your TV

There are multiple considerations to finding the proper TV mount height as exemplified above. Know that you have an idea how high to mount a TV, our technical team will give you a step-by-step guide how to do it. 

To mount your flat-screen TV, all you need are a wall mount kit, your tape measure, and some tools. Just follow these steps, and you’ll have your TV on the wall in no time:

SunBrite TVs
  1. Take the two mounting arms from your TV mount kit. Screw them to the back of your TV.
  2. Secure the arms to the included wall plate.
  3. From any horizontal location, measure your desired height up the wall and mark it. This height should align with the center of the screen.
  4. From the spot you marked, measure and mark half of your TV’s height above it. That’s where the top of your TV should be.
  5. Repeat step 4 below the center spot. This is where your TV’s bottom goes.
  6. Ask for help with this step. Lift your TV in front of the wall and align the top and bottom of your TV screen with the marks you made.
  7. Have another person trace an outline of your TV onto the wall.
  8. Do the same for your wall plate.
  9. Check the outlines. If you’re satisfied with its positioning, finish mounting your flat-screen TV.


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