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If you have an HDMI CEC cable, there is a chance you aren’t making the most out of your HDMI connection! The HDMI CEC is a veteran for high quality HDMI connection. But to make sure you get the most out of your HDMI CEC cable and learn its potential to avoid misusing and potentially damaging the cable, follow our experts’ advice below.

What is an HDMI CEC?

The HDMI CECs are one of the initial methods of HDMI connection. As we all know about HDMI, it’s a one-cable connection for your system setup that’s easy to use and simplifies the task for your TV remote control. First introduced in 2005, it was implemented for seamless control, but now our team says HDMI CEC can do more than just connect multiple devices.

Purpose of an HDMI CEC

The purpose is the same as it allows a seamless connection between up to 15 devices. Our experts say that the key benefit of hooking up your system via HDMI CEC is congregating all the control for each device into one remote. Although in recent years, the HDMI CEC has a new purpose, which is to take control of your TV and render the remote obsolete. However, the HDMI CEC is still a little different compared to a universal remote.

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Google Chromecast for example, can automatically switch on your TV by pressing the button via the HDMI CEC connection and can now be seen among other streaming devices such as Amazon Fire TV, Android TV, Roku TV players and the gen 4 Apple TV. 

HDMI CEC Features

As our experts said, the HDMI CEC is a one-source control for everything when it’s connected. You can transmit information such as playback, audio, power and more via HDMI CEC. Once it’s connected to your TV, it’s all you need to switch between sources without switching your TV’s remote control. It’s a little different than a universal remote control, as the HDMI CEC condenses multiple remote controls into one. 

Some of the capabilities of the HDMI CEC include the audio control for the entire system, deck control including playback, rewind and more. You can also power your device on and off, which allows you to put all devices into standby mode with the system standby feature, one touch play to switch the TV, and one touch record, just to name a few.

Depending on the brand you choose, the HDMI CEC connection could be under a different name on the device. A few examples include: Toshiba CE Link or Regza Link, Hitachi HDMI CEC, LG Simplink, Mitsubishi NetCommand for HDMI, Onkyo RIHD remote interactive, Samsung Anynet+, Sharp Aquos Link, Sony Bravia Sync or Bravia Link, Philips EasyLink, Pioneer Kuro Link, Vizio CEC, Panasonic HDAVI Control, EZ Sync, or Viera Link, and Roku 1-Touch-Play.

Connecting HDMI CEC

How do you connect your HDMI CEC to your devices? Our experts are here to answer that question in this section. 

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Setting up [1] your HDMI CEC really depends on what device you want to connect. A Blu-Ray player, TV, DVD player or streaming device from different brands will follow different commands. Our team has picked out the most popular systems to help you with your setup. 

In general, the setup for CEC HDMI is similar to the HDMI ARC. You would need to go into the device settings and enable the ARC as the source and press select. You may then be required to search for other devices.

Some brands, like Vizio, will directly list CEC HDMI in the Tv’s settings, but you have to make sure discovery is enabled. For Samsung, the connection is done automatically once you turn on the Anynet+ through the menu settings and press the button to select the source. 

Tips and Reminders

Before opting for HDMI CEC on your device, there are a few tips and reminders our team would like you to keep in mind. If HDMI CEC is the connection source you want, you should be aware that it may not be present in all HDMI-enabled devices.

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Depending on the brand, the cable access could be different and unfortunately, you might have to activate the CEC for the ARC to work, but it will limit the audio quality of the ARC. Lastly, the HDMI CEC may sometimes turn on or off certain devices against your wishes.

Availability on Brands

The HDMI CEC allows for an easy set up and available on multiple popular brands to stay connected. All it takes is to set it up via the device menu. From streaming devices to TV’s you can find the HDMI CECs on popular brands, but under different trade names. It’s available on Sony devices under Sony Bravia Sync. Other brand devices include Sony, Hitachi, Insignia, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Samsung, Sharp, Toshiba, Vizio and lots more.

Other than the neat-looking system, you can use both wired and wireless connections with different devices when it suits you. This will  elevate the convenience and versatility of your speakers.

It is quite easy to implement the wireless Bluetooth receiver and it’s very affordable. It will cut down on your costs compared to purchasing a brand new set of wireless Bluetooth speakers. Depending on where and when you want to play your content, you have the choice of going wireless or not. 


What does HDMI CEC mean?

HDMI CEC means High Definition Multimedia Interface Consumer Electronics Control. HDMI CEC allows up to 15 devices to be controlled with one remote control. It doesn’t have to be your TV remote, but any remote that you configure once you press the button to enable HDMI CEC on your connected devices. Such devices include Blu-Ray players, DVD players and streaming devices.

How do I use HDMI CEC?

You can use your HDMI CEC connection by making sure your device is CEC enabled. Enter the settings menu via your TV remote control and select the HDMI connection. The process is different for varying brands, but usually requires you to set the HDMI ARC connection as the source and discover the devices in question. 


While you don’t need the HDMI CECs to stay connected, according to our team it is still one of the most convenient ways to connect your system and condense control into a single remote control. HDMI CEC is present in many TV’s and is straightforward to set up. CEC HDMI allows for a seamless integration of your system and it reduces the number of cables you need to set up your audio system.

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