Firestick Remote Not Working?
Here are 8 Surefire Ways to Fix It

When a remote doesn’t work, people will have less control over their TVs. And without a working Amazon Fire Stick remote, your viewing experience can be much more difficult. Don’t head out just yet and waste money on a replacement remote, because there may be ways to fix your Fire Stick TV remote. Our media team has found 8 different ways that can solve your problem.

How to Fix Your Firestick Remote: 8 Quick Solutions

Fix #1: Replace the Batteries

The most obvious reason why a remote may not be working is the batteries. Sometimes all you need to do is replace them. 

You can replace the pair by opening the battery compartment and sliding open the battery cover. Have new compatible spare batteries ready before you remove the batteries inside, then install the batteries in the right direction. 

You can try both rechargeable batteries and alkaline batteries, whichever you prefer. While you’re at it, our media team also suggests cleaning the battery connectors before placing new remote batteries as sometimes it’s just dust that is impeding a proper charge. 

Fix #2: Unpair and Re-Pair with Fire TV Stick

If the easiest solution doesn’t work, you may need to get a bit technical. Check if your Amazon Fire TV remote is paired correctly. Your remote may have just unpaired itself.

Fire TV Stick remote on a table

To pair the Amazon Fire Stick Remote, turn on both the remote and your Amazon Fire TV by pressing the power button. Make sure the Firestick remote is close to your TV and press the “home” button on the remote for 10 seconds. After that, let go of the home button and check to see if the Fire TV remote is working.

Try this a few times. If your remote is still unresponsive, move on to the following methods.

Fix #3: Reset Your Remote or Fire TV Stick

Sometimes a quick reset of your Firestick remote is what you need to fix a Firestick remote not working or functioning. To reset your Fire Stick remote, hold the “Menu” left button on the navigation ring and the “Home” menu button down together for 15 seconds. Let go of both buttons and wait for 1 minute.

Remove the batteries in your Amazon Fire TV remotes, unplug your Amazon Fire Stick TV from the power source, and wait for another minute. Then, put the batteries back and plug your Fire TV device back in.

resetting firestick remote

Once you see the home screen again, get your remote, press and hold the “Home” button for 40 seconds, and release. Wait for another minute before testing it out. 

Fix #4: Move the TV and Remote Closer Together

Perhaps your Fire TV device and your Fire Stick remote are just too far apart. Both are Bluetooth devices and are not infrared like traditional remotes. This means that the distance between your Fire Stick device and remote will impact the responsiveness.

Our media engineering team advises a max distance of 30 feet, which is the average for a basic Bluetooth connection, but keep in mind that your home setup can impact the distance between Fire TV devices and the remote. If you think the distance right now exceeds 30 feet, play around with your layout to find a location that reduces the space between your Fire Stick remote and TV.

Fix #5: Clear the Area From Any Obstructions

Aside from the distance, obstructions between the two devices can also affect the wireless devices. While you’re reorganizing your space, we suggest also removing anything that may be in the way.

home theater setup for Klipsch RF-82 II Floorstanding Speaker

Other Bluetooth devices in the vicinity may be the reason why the Fire Stick remote is not working correctly. You can remove any other wireless devices in the room or turn them off to check if this is the reason behind the Amazon Firestick TV remote malfunction.

Fix #6: Check the Remote For Damages

Another reason why you have a Firestick remote not working could be due to damage. If the Amazon Firestick remote is new, then it may still be within the warranty period [1]. You can contact Amazon and as for a replacement remote. 

If Fire Stick remotes are out of warranty, users have the option of purchasing replacement remotes on their own. Our experts say this is a good time to test out other Bluetooth remotes or even opt for the remote app on your phone.

Head into the app store and find the Fire TV remote app and download it. Follow the setup instructions that will pop up on the app. For our team, it’s convenient to use the app to replace a physical remote because most of us always carry our phones and it’s much less likely to get lost or stop working.

Two Fire TV Stick remotes

Is your new Fire Stick remote compatible with your TV? Don’t purchase the first Amazon Fire Stick remote you see without making sure it will work. 

Fix #7: Check for Updates

There is also the chance that your Firestick remotes just need a software update. Check to see if you have the latest version. However, there is also the chance that your remote stops working after the update. This could be because your remote unpaired itself and reset during the update. 

If you suspect this is the case, just look over our 1-5 fixes to solve the problem and get your Fire Stick remote working again.

Fix #8: Conduct Power Cycle

When the Fire Stick remote is not working, another way to fix the issue is to conduct a power cycle. 

Fire TV Stick remote up close

Take out the batteries from the remote and wait for 10 seconds, then put them back in again. If the remote works, you’re done. But if not, unplug all the power from both devices and wait for 30 seconds.

Plug everything back in again and wait for the Fire Stick to display on the TV and then try to use the remote again. If this still doesn’t work, we would suggest contacting Amazon. Don’t toss your old Firestick remote yet in case the customer service representatives can fix it. 

Ask For Assistance From Amazon

Like we mentioned, if your remote is within the warranty period, any failed components and internal faults should be able to get you a free replacement. Message Amazon’s customer service to notify them of your problem and tell them that you have tried all the above steps. 


Why is my Firestick remote not working with new batteries?

Your Fire Stick remote is not working with new batteries because of damage. There are a number of other reasons why it is malfunctioning such as obstructions in the direct line of sight between the remote and TV, or there has been an update to the software. 

How do the batteries go in a Firestick remote?

The batteries go in the chamber behind the Fire Stick remote. Make sure to line up the polarity by placing them in the correct way. The springs should come into contact with the flat end of the battery. 


There are many ways to fix a Firestick remote not working, so don’t go looking for other remotes just yet. You can try factory resetting, making sure the actual range between the two devices is within 30 feet, or try a power cycle. Our experts suggest avoiding cheap replicas if you plan on replacing your remote and going for the app instead. 


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