How to Convert Speakers to Bluetooth Speakers? — Connect to Any Device Wirelessly

convert speakers to bluetooth

Let’s be honest, nothing compares to the convenience of a wireless setup in our home theater system. Did you know that you don’t have to buy a Bluetooth speaker from the get-go to enjoy this benefit? Our team of experts has a few methods up their sleeve to help you convert speakers into Bluetooth options so you can enjoy a clean setup.

How to Convert Regular Speakers to Bluetooth Speakers?

Bluetooth Receiver

Our experts observed that the simplest way to convert speakers to Bluetooth speakers is to use a Bluetooth receiver. It converts a wireless Bluetooth signal into a line-level signal your wired speakers can read. A Bluetooth receiver is quite an affordable device and shouldn’t cost you more than 50 dollars.Bluetooth receivers are very easy to integrate into your setup and won’t take more than just a few minutes. 

Connections to Plug in Bluetooth Receiver

Just how do you connect your new Bluetooth receiver to your existing speakers? A Bluetooth receiver should have both male and female RCA jacks, but in certain cases such as one for car speakers might only have a male jack.

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Depending on your speaker type, either powered or passive, the connection may sometimes require an RCA or aux 3.5mm. Other than these common connections, there are some speakers that have banana plugs instead or speaker clips. 

Both of  these types have negative and positive terminals. To set up, simply connect the right cable with the corresponding ports on both devices. Our team stresses to ensure that the connection is stable and secure for clear audio transmission.

Pairing the Device

Once you have identified the type of connection and successfully connected the speakers to the Bluetooth receiver, you are ready to pair the devices. Turn on your Bluetooth receiver and activate the pairing mode. The pairing mode is different on every device, some may have a blinking light or a solid light to indicate it is triggered. Make sure the devices in question are all discoverable, meaning it can be detected by the receiver. 

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The next step is to turn on the Bluetooth [1]  in your speakers and wait for the Bluetooth receiver to search for, find and connect to your device. Once a successful connection has been made, you may hear a sound or the blinking light may change.

Convenience of Converting Regular Speakers

Rather than just purchasing Bluetooth speakers like the newly released Sonos Roam speaker, our team of experts believes that converting speakers to Bluetooth has its advantages. For starters, eliminating the hassle of a wired setup is a given. For a clean clutter-free living room, you get the benefits of a more portable system. 

Without the restriction of wires, you can freely move the previously wired speakers into new locations and experiment with placements for a new and better soundstage.

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Other than the neat-looking system, you can use both wired and wireless connections with different devices when it suits you. This will  elevate the convenience and versatility of your speakers.

It is quite easy to implement the wireless Bluetooth receiver and it’s very affordable. It will cut down on your costs compared to purchasing a brand new set of wireless Bluetooth speakers. Depending on where and when you want to play your content, you have the choice of going wireless or not. 


Can you convert wired speakers to Bluetooth?

Yes, you can convert wired speakers to Bluetooth by adding a Bluetooth receiver to your setup.  You just need to find the compatible connections and to pair the devices together.

Can you convert old speakers to Bluetooth?

Yes, you can convert old speakers to Bluetooth. You need a Bluetooth adapter for this. Connect the device to your speakers via RCA or 3.5mm with the right cables and put both devices into pairing mode. Then, the receiver should detect your device, connect to it and start playing your content.


A Bluetooth receiver or adapter isn’t difficult to find and is quite cheap compared to purchasing a new set of Bluetooth speakers. Having the ability to choose between both wired and wireless connections with the same set of speakers is incredibly beneficial to any setup. When you convert speakers to Bluetooth connectivity, you can improve sound  at your home.  


Willie Greer
Willie Greer
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