Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers — Use AmpMe, Brand Apps and More

connect multiple bluetooth speakers

Bluetooth is a godsend for wireless connection. It’s a ubiquitous no-cable connection method that is present in almost all media devices. However, to send dual audio to just one device, you will need an app or an additional add-on.

Our experts are here to tell you how to connect multiple Bluetooth speakers to get audio from more than one device.

How to Connect Multiple Bluetooth Speakers

As said, you will need the help of a downloadable app. For example, Bose Connect, Ultimate Ears, and even Bluetooth 5, which is the latest version of connection via Bluetooth that increases range, speed and bandwidth.

Our team will now dive into further detail on how to attach multiple Bluetooth speakers together to create a stereo pair or more with Bluetooth.

Use AmpMe to Connect Multiple Speakers

AmpMe is our experts’ first and foremost choice for multiple Bluetooth speaker connections. It is compatible with a list of products, more so than other options because it’s not a brand-specific app.

speaker and phone

Using AmpMe, you can synchronize two devices such as your Android or iOS smartphone and your Bluetooth [1] speaker together and play audio from different music streaming programs such as Spotify, Amazon Music, and more.

One of the best parts of using AmpMe is it does not limit the number of devices you can sync to your phone. It also allows you to join any existing parties on these music apps or create your own. 

AmpMe is very easy to use, and all it requires is a login connection to your Facebook or Google account. Once you connect and set the playlist, you can also allow guest DJs to contribute songs and invite people to join the party.

Use Audio Brand Apps to Connect Multiple Speakers

Then there are the brand-specific apps you can use to connect multiple Bluetooth devices. Examples of these apps include Bose Connect and Ultimate Ears. You can pair your phone to more than one speaker for dual audio or choose Ultimate Ears to set up two speakers. 

Of course, Bose only works with Bose speakers and Bose headphones, and Ultimate Ears works with Boom and MegaBoom speakers.

Bose SoundLink 3

The problem our experts have with brand-specific devices is the compatibility element. You don’t know if the applications will work with your headphones and phones, but the app store will have a list of compatible devices to save you the trouble.

Samsung also has a dual audio feature in the Samsung Galaxy S8 or later models. It’s a form of Bluetooth connection that utilizes Samsung’s Bluetooth Dual Audio, which will work with most market Bluetooth speakers and headphones.

It’s very easy to enable, and it’s directly accessible on your Samsung phones. Click into settings, then head over to connections then tap on Bluetooth to activate the feature. In Android Pie, the feature can be enabled by going into the advanced options.

You can also opt for a Homepod to connect two speakers. Homepod Stereo Pair is Apple’s version of Samsung’s Dual Audio. You can use the Home app to set up stereo options on your Apple products.

Activate the Homepod pairing feature by going into your settings, then choosing “create stereo pair” and follow the instructions from there.

Use a Bluetooth Hub

A Bluetooth hub is a device designed to solve the issues of Bluetooth range and to diversify connection options.

phone connected to the TCL Alto 7 2.0 via bluetooth

Depending on the Bluetooth hub you choose, you can connect over 20 devices together. For those that want one control center for all their Bluetooth home devices, then a Bluetooth hub is the answer.

A Bluetooth hub will still require a reasonable distance for the receiver to operate at peak performance. Most Bluetooth devices are suggested to be in the 30-foot range, but with a heavy-duty Bluetooth hub, you can find ones that have a sensitive receiver from up to 1000 feet!

For seamless connections, setting up with Sonos Boost improve wifi and audio experience, too. 

Why Should You Pair Bluetooth Speakers

Is there really a need for pairing Bluetooth speakers? Our experts have a list of reasons why it is beneficial to have a small portable setup compared to a full-fledged home theater system. For example, with housing prices skyrocketing, many people find themselves renting rather than buying property.

laptop and speaker on a table

With potential moves in the future, it’s difficult to set up a full home theater system and then taking it apart again. Plus, the components in a home theater can be expensive.

For this reason, having paired Bluetooth speakers is very helpful. They won’t put a damper on a party and can be moved around easily.

If you are short on space and require a small space-saving option, you can easily get great sound from two or more Bluetooth devices by using pairing methods. Turn two speakers into an easy to set up system.

Aside from being easy to set up, when you pair two Bluetooth speakers, you can also get stereo sound. Stereo sound is more lifelike and realistic than audio from just one speaker. You can turn what was previously flat sound into enveloping audio anyone would like and want in an audio system.

For more pairing, check how you can connect Anker Soundcore to other devices here

Compatible Bluetooth Speakers Brands

Instead of going out and doing the research yourself, our team has opted to list the different brands with pairable Bluetooth speakers for you to save time. Some of the brands with a pairable Bluetooth device include:

Another way to enjoy music is to connect your speakers to a reliable streaming device. Check out our full review of Sonos Connect and Sonos Port, two exciting streaming devices for your home theater!


If you want life-like audio or 3D sound, our experts suggest you connect multiple Bluetooth speakers together. Many brands now manufacture speakers that can pair with each other without the help of an external device.

Hooking up two of these Bluetooth devices together is a cost-efficient and space-saving option that still provides an excellent listening experience.

Black android phone with whote and black small speaker

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