What is the Best TV with a Built-In DVD Player? (2022)

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Finding the best TV with built-in DVD player functions can be a challenge in today’s market. With options saturated with other smart features, are there any brands that can suit your specific TV-DVD needs or you’ll end up wasting your money? Lucky for you, our television experts combed through high-quality options and tested their features to see if they’ll add value to your viewing experience.

Premium Option
1080p HDTV
Editor's Choice
Sceptre E325BD-SR
Budget Option
Continuus CT-2860
720p HD TV

Reviews of the Top TVs with a Built-In DVD Player


GPX TDE3274B 1080p HDTV

It may surprise you, but the best TVs with built-in DVD players also come with premium options. If price is the least of your concerns, then going for the 32-inch GPX TDE3274B 1080p HDTV is the best advice we can give you.

Besides its smart integration of a built-in DVD player, this television can connect with different digital media content through its SD card and USB ports. This unit is also compatible to use as a computer monitor because it has a VGA input.  

Users of this TV-DVD player combo can also expect high video quality owed to its dynamic aspect and contrast ratio. 

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Continuus CT-2860 720p High Definition TV

If you’re looking for the best TVs with built-in DVD players that are low in price, one of the smart choices you can consider is Continuus CT-2860 720-pixel LED HDTV. Despite having smaller screens measuring 28 inches, these models have a 720-pixel resolution that enabled our testers to watch and play DVDs at ease. 

Upon selecting movies to watch from the DVDs we have, we’re taken in for a treat with its impressive image and audio qualities. This TV-DVD player combo also has a lightweight design, compatible with a wall-mount setup. 

With HDMI, RCA, and other input, hooking this TV-DVD combo to other equipment like a computer unit and gaming console won’t be a problem. 

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Sceptre E246BD-F 24-inch 1080p HDTV

Despite its 1920 x 1080 resolution, many would argue that a 24-inch TV like Sceptre E246BD-F HDTV would be too small compared to other models. However, if you’re planning to place it in a smaller room, we don’t see any reason not to buy this 24-inch TV-DVD player combo. 

Besides having a reliable DVD player, this 24-inch TV has HDMI inputs that deliver superb video and sound when you play movies from any connected device. It also comes at an affordable price and includes smart MHL technology fit for multimedia from mobile phones and tablets. 

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Proscan PLDED3273A 32-inch 720p LED TV

Some movie selections need advanced display technology, which is why our experts selected Proscan PLDED3273A 32-inch 720p LED TV. With its HDMI interface, configuring this unit was blissful and enabled us to play the content from our selection of DVDs immediately. 

And because it’s engineered with LED backlighting, this TV and DVD player combination can play multimedia content with excellent colors, brightness, and contrast. On top of all that, it’s also energy-efficient. 

Although this is a TV with built-in DVD player functions, the manufacturer of this brand still managed to give it a sleek and space-saving design. 

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RCA RT3205 32-inch 720p LED HDTV

It’s not a secret that buying a TV with built-in DVD player functions needs vibrant displays and reliable technology. Specific qualities that our testers found on RCA RT3205. Equipped with various input technologies, this television can play multimedia from different sources other than a DVD player. 

Our viewing experience with this TV is also quite decent, all thanks to its 720-pixel picture quality and impressive contrast ratio. With the 60 Hz refresh rate of this TV-DVD player combo, rest assured that your viewing won’t be disrupted with blur or distortions.

Without in-built DVD player, here’s how you can connect external DVD player to your smart TV seamlessly

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Free Signal 28-inches HDTV

Another premium TV with built-in DVD player functions we’d like to recommend is Free Signal 28-inches HDTV. This TV and DVD combination may be higher in price, but it doesn’t lack in wide-viewing angle fit for watching movies from DVDs. 

During our testing, setting up wasn’t much of a hassle as it has three HDMI inputs, and the construction of this LED HDTV is extremely lightweight. And even though it has 1366 x 768 image quality, you’d be surprised that its power consumption only amounts to 39 Watts. It also has smart functions like noise reduction and swift response time.

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Sceptre E325BD-SR LED TV

Upon searching for the best TV-DVD combo devices in the market, our resident cinephiles bumped across the Sceptre E325BD-SR LED TV. Designed with a 32-inch screen size and LED display, this TV with a built-in DVD player surely delivers the features and connection we needed. 

Superior to other TV-DVD combos, this device is compatible with different connection setups from VGA, RF, USB, up to HDMI. Integrating this LED HDTV into your existing home theater system won’t be a problem with its versatile video and audio inputs. 

Thanks to its high-quality resolution and audio, our testers we’re able to play multimedia content with dazzling colors and room-filling sound. 

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Buyer’s Guide for TVs with a Built-In DVD Player

Screen Size

When looking for a TV with built-in DVD player functions, it’s crucial to note that there are not many options available when it comes to screen size. As you may already know, bigger TVs tend not to have a DVD player in their thin construction. 

Our resident cinephiles recommend going for 19-inch to 32-inch TV-DVD models as these options will have wider viewing angles that may suit your needs more. 

Aspect Ratio

It doesn’t matter if your TV-DVD combo has a 19-inch or bigger screen. The standard ratio measurement common in the industry and recommended by experts is 16:9 [1]. If your aspect ratio isn’t appropriately set, keep in mind that it could dampen your viewing experience. 

Visual Quality and Resolution

Getting a TV with a DVD player means that you’ll be playing different digital media that requires specific resolution to maximize its viewing capacity. While TV-DVD combos rarely come in 4K resolutions, our experts recommended televisions with 720 to 1080 pixel formats. With this feature, rest assured that it will deliver stunning contrast and colors. 

Audio Quality

Among the many functions to consider, the sound of your TV-DVD player should be one of your major priorities. Given that you’ll be streaming content from DVD discs, you’ll need a TV with immersive sounds that’ll be able to fill the size of your rooms. 

Sceptre logo

Having said that, our resident cinephiles advise you to take the location of your TV-DVD combo player before buying any model listed on this roundup. 

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Mounting Options

While buying TV-DVD combos with mounting options is a great idea, not all living space requires this function. So even if you buy one without this feature, it won’t be much of a disadvantage as it’s just an added option. 

However, if your TV setup does require mounting your TV-DVD players on the walls, you can find many brands that offer this feature. If your TV doesn’t have it already, you don’t have to worry. Mount brackets are often sold separately, so you can easily find one if you need it. 


Power consumption will always be among the biggest concerns when buying any electrical equipment. Generally, LED TV-DVD players just consume 70 to 80 wattages. In fact, some manufacturers would indicate in the fine print if their products were indeed energy-efficient and environment-friendly.


While wireless connections are popular nowadays, they can be a very rare function in televisions with built-in DVD players. On the upside, these TV models have many inputs that we’ll discuss further below. 

Inputs and Outputs

If you want to expand the functionality of your TV, it’s important that it has enough input options. Our experts suggest checking out crucial ports like HDMI, VGAs, PC Audio, and RCA. For the output, it’d be nice if it has headphone jacks. 

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inspect cable connectors

Our Top Pick For a TV with a Built-In DVD Player:
Sceptre E325BD-SR

While it’s not an easy venture to find the best TV with built-in DVD player functions, our resident home theater experts managed to test all top-rated options and hail Sceptre E325BD-SR LED TV as our top pick in this roundup. 

Besides its DVD player capabilities, this TV-DVD player combo proved its worth with its diverse video and sound input, affordable pricing, and dazzling picture quality. 


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