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A subwoofer plate amplifier will be an important part of any home audio theater system or sound configuration. But, finding the right option among many subwoofer plate amplifiers isn’t so easy. 

If you’re looking to get one for your home or anywhere else, our engineers have the top-performing subwoofer plate amplifier options available to you:

Premium Option
Dayton Audio
Editor’s Choice
Seismic Audio
Budget Option
Dayton Audio

Reviews of the Top Subwoofer Plate Amplifiers


Dayton Audio SPA250DSP Subwoofer Plate Amplifier

Here, you have the Dayton Audio SPAA250DSP, a plate amp with impressive features, even though it has a bit of a small body. 

The benefit of this Dayton Audio amp is that it is almost fully digital. It’s got an intuitive, PC-based GUI software that allows you to access all of its DSP functions, as well as an efficient Class D output for high-impact, low-frequency performance. 

You can also use the single-knob control and its high contrast LCD display to check on the amp’s status and other parameters.

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Dayton Audio SA100 Subwoofer Plate Amplifier

When it comes to making sound equipment, Dayton Audio is no newbie. The company has been doing a great job with the Dayton Audio SA100 sub amp as another notch model on its belt. 

With the Dayton Audio SA100 product, you get a mixture of high and low level inputs and outputs for your listening pleasure. Connectivity and control are as easy as they come, with the sub amp offering an adjustable low pass filter. 

Versatility is no problem since this amp works with all types of subwoofers. It is yet another solid product from Dayton Audio.

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Acoustic Audio WS1005 Passive Subwoofer Amp

While it might not be the most famous option out there, Acoustic Audio WS1005 is another great name that deserves to be on the list of our top-rated subwoofer plate amplifier options.

With a 200 W power rating, this plate amplifier offers more than enough capacity to carry any sound. Its class D circuitry and low frequency bass response of 50 – 200 Hz +/- 3dB are also appropriate for something in its size range, and you get both sub volume and low pass control knobs to adjust your sound setting and make the output  more refined. 

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Sound Town STPAS-800D

Sound Town is no Dayton Audio, but it definitely gets things done. The STPAS-800D is a relatively new subwoofer plate amplifier. It offers a lot of benefits as well, including and especially a good color combination. There’s a solid contrast with the silver color combination, which offers a lovely enclosure to the shallow frame amplifier.

By following the manufacturer’s instructions, you’ll find installation to be easy. The SoundTown STPAS-800D comes with two cables, and it offers a built-in fuse holder that helps to prevent shorting out the power. The plate amplifier also comes with a programmable graphic user interface, a built-in battery deck, and a front panel digital control display. 

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OSD SMP100 Subwoofer Amplifier

With the OSD SMP100 Plate Amplifier, you have a high-quality product that delivers on deep bass output. With 100 W in power, this subwoofer plate amplifier does more than just deliver sound — it gives you the best of the best for sure. 

Besides its impressive power rating, this plate amplifier is versatile as it works with all types of receivers. Whether old or new, this product is a lock for sure. You also get an impressive number of adjustable controls, which includes on/off, as well as volume, a high pass filter, and phase controls. 

All of these ensure that adjusting the sound output on these plate amps will be easy.

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Fosi Audio Store Subwoofer Amplifier

Another product that should be on the list of the best subwoofer plate amplifiers. With this amp, you get up to 200 W in power output – much more than enough to cover large rooms and spaces. It offers two modes — BTL and SUB — which can drive different types of sound devices without breaking a sweat. 

Fosi Audio Store Amplifier also offers a built-in low pass filter, which will be more than enough to work with subs that measure between 20 and 300 Hz. With its sleek size, you will also have no trouble fitting it into small spaces. 

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Seismic Audio - SA-APT002

The Seismic Audio SA-APT002 is the best subwoofer plate amplifier on our list. This model has a number of advanced features and is beginner-friendly because of the fact that it is very easy to install. 

It doesn’t come with any cable slots, so you don’t have to worry about connections and compatibility. If you don’t have any USB cable lines around you, this subwoofer plate amplifier is what you need. 

Another huge benefit of this product is that it is versatile. Regardless of where you are or what you need it for, it’s ready to work for you.

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Subwoofer Plate Amplifier Buyer’s Guide

There are a number of things to consider before you purchase a subwoofer plate amplifier. Below, our team discusses a few of them and how they should factor into your decision.


Power is simply the capacity of the plate amp to produce the sound you want from it. Measured in watts, the power capacity gotten from different subwoofer amps will definitely differ. However, you need to know which to get based on the room you’re playing sound in and what you want to achieve. 

If you live in a small apartment, you don’t need a plate amplifier  with so much power. Something with about 150 Watts should be more than enough to meet your desires. It will also work in different applications, so you’re fine. 

However, if your room is much bigger, you need to go higher. Start from about 500 watts, as this will ensure adequate sound when playing audio. 

Of course, it goes without saying that a plate subwoofer amp with more power will be more expensive. 

You can also check the power rating via the circuits. Plate amplifiers come with Class G circuitry, class D circuitry, and more. You can also find a Class AB amp that combines both.  

The power can also help to improve your sub’s performance. You can give a bass boost if the output stage isn’t strong enough. Also, remember to watch the input and outputs of the device before you purchase it. 

The balance of input and outputs will matter significantly to the power levels that the device and its speakers can bring out. If the outputs don’t match, the system will be compromised, and the speakers won’t work as they should.


There are generally two types of subwoofer plate amplifiers available — the sealed and the ported options. If you want to connect the plate amp to a sound system or something else, then a ported amplifier will be better for you. The ported amps offer impeccable bass extension, ensuring that you can enjoy the action even more. 

Keep in mind that the ported plate amp might also not be ideal for you. If you’re looking to enjoy your music alone, you can get a sealed one. They are better with songs since they have tighter and more compact frame options. 

Whatever you choose, you should also ensure that the  ports are properly aligned. You know where the input is, and you can see the outputs on the amp. Frequency input and outputs are very important to an amp, so watch out for those.

(If you plan to install a sub to a car, you can check our simple guide on how to properly connect subs in a car audio system here


The best subwoofer plate amplifier for you will also need to have a convenient control setting. Since there are different types of controls, it is important for you to watch out for this as well. Some products have patented tracking systems that allow you to know everything — from the line level to the audio settings and more.  

Usually, you can get a plate amp with a single-knob control panel. With this, you have one knob that allows you to control just about anything. It is simple and easy to use, and it comes standard on just about every plate amp you can get your hands on. 

Then, there’s phase control, which allows you to add electrical delay to the input signal. Phase control ranges from 0 to 180 degrees, and it can help the sub to integrate better with other loudspeakers that you use. 

Whether it’s the single-knob control panel or something else, you should understand which works best for you. 

Some subwoofer amplifier options will even come with PC based GUI software [1] for you to connect with your computer. 

These make it much easier to control the subwoofer and the amp — you can set speaker parameters, change the power setting and power handling, and optimize the entire speaker system to your taste. When you get your audio, it is smooth and silk.


In all honesty, screens aren’t so important to the functionality of your subwoofer system. However, they’re good aesthetic pieces. You will find that screens can actually make operation much more convenient. Having a screen on your plate amplifier can be pretty neat.  

When it comes to plate amps and screens, there are generally two options — LED and LCD. The LCD screen will update you on the amp’s sound output, power output, and performance, allowing you to make changes as you see fit in order to maximize output. LCD screens usually have blue backgrounds and display all the information you need. 

On the flip side, there are LED indicators that let you know how the whole system is performing. If you’ve got low level inputs or multiple inputs coming in, the lights will know, so you can use less power and low end frequencies to carry them. This will improve the performance of the amplifier.

You can pick which you prefer, but remember that they aren’t an absolute necessity. They simply make your sub more intuitive. 

Size and Build

The next factor to be considered when choosing a subwoofer plate amplifier is the build and size of the amp. Again, this will depend on many factors, most especially, power. 

Most amps that aren’t so strong tend to be small. They’re unable to hold much power and capacity, so they’re on the small side as well. Of course, this is a trade-off — the amp can’t do much, but it’s also pretty easy to carry around. 

Then, there is the plate amplifier that is much larger and bulkier. These ones tend to be more powerful, and their capacity is higher. They are mostly ideal for large venues, and they offer improved sound output. The only problem, of course, is that they’re not so easy to carry around. 

This will depend on how much weight you can accommodate. It’s also great to see manufacturers like Dayton Audio who have subwoofer driver size versatility. 

Note that the build also affects subwoofers and their efficiency. When the system isn’t built right, heat is unable to pass through and come out properly. Some of the subwoofers you see in the market today have custom designs, and that is great. But, these subwoofers might not have the best efficiency. 

Parts like the back panel, speakers, and more need to be assembled in a way that voltage is maximized and heat is allowed to pass through. This will make the device work well, and efficiency will be optimized. On the other hand, if the device isn’t packaged, heat is trapped and the voltage  isn’t optimal either. Over time, the subwoofers will get damaged. 

Whether you’re getting something custom or ready made subwoofers, always ensure that the build is great. From the back panel to the circuitry to the speakers and more, watch the system assembly. 

The vented box designs are popular, but they have faults too. Excessive excursion and other faults should also be watched, and you should ensure that the speaker level is well aligned. All of these will ensure proper sound, and should even be able to give a nice bass boost when needed.

(For robust sub enclosures, you can choose the top-tier subwoofer box material here


A subwoofer plate amplifier can be quite complex to work with especially if you’re not exactly an expert in using them in the first place. You’ll find yourself tinkering and moving buttons on the amplifier, and it will really just frustrate you. 

This is why an excellent subwoofer plate amplifier will be much easier to use. Never get an amplifier that is just a piece of work. You won’t enjoy it.

The entire point of user-friendliness is to ensure that the amp is a joy to use. Some amp options come with special PC software that allow you to control everything — from the main speakers to the circuitry to the input and outputs. You know what you want from the amp, and you can set the device just as you like it. 

Manufacturers like Dayton Audio have done a lot of work to ensure that their plate amplifier is  as user-friendly as possible. But, some have already made significant progress on that front. It is much better if you can get something that’s much easier for you. 

Many will recommend that you test the plate amplifier before getting it. You can connect it to different subwoofers and see how the system works in general. This way, you know which amp is great for which subwoofer and you can move from there.


Last but definitely not the least is the price. You want to ensure that you have a subwoofer plate amplifier that is affordable and which won’t be too much of a pain for you to purchase. Everyone prioritizes their funds, and you don’t want to go broke because you want proper sound quality. So, consider the cost. 

But, it is also important to remember that everything valuable will cost money. So, don’t let your desire for affordability lead you into buying something that is subpar. You might see an amplifier that is cheap and even think that it will work like magic for all subwoofers. But, you end up buying it and the system sounds terrible. Maybe the power isn’t right, or you could get a Class D subwoofer when you want a Class G subwoofer. 

Some manufacturers like Dayton Audio tend to put a mark up on their products. But, you know you’ll get the professional stuff.  

(If you are looking for a reliable device, we also have excellent 5-channel amp listed for you


What is a subwoofer plate amplifier?

A subwoofer plate amplifier is a power amplifier that is mounted on a flat board and installed inside a speaker. It takes a line-level input signal and boosts it in order to effectively drive the speaker. For distortion-free sound release, this amplifier is definitely important. 

What are the uses of a subwoofer plate amplifier?

A subwoofer plate amplifier primarily helps to improve the sound quality that you get from the subwoofer and speaker system. However, they also show the overall performance of the system at every point in time, allowing you to make changes when they’re necessary.

Is a subwoofer plate amplifier important?

If you’re looking to enjoy your sound even better, a subwoofer plate amplifier is an important part of your sound setting. A subwoofer plate amplifier will help to optimize sound output, and they keep things running well for you.

Our Top Pick For a Subwoofer Plate Amplifier:
Seismic Audio - SA-APT002

The Seismic Audio – SA-APT002 takes the top spot for our engineers on the list of the best subwoofer plate amplifiers.  It has an impressive power output, which ensures that it can play great sound wherever you put it. You also get sub volume and crossover control knobs to give you complete control over the sound settings. Feel free to  adjust the sound as you see fit.

Interested in other great products? Then, you can check the best amps we listed here for you: 


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