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As you may already know, the secret to a great bass often derives from the compatibility of your subs and amplifiers. Since searching for the best subwoofer amp can be a tough puzzle to solve, our audio experts decided to take on the challenge and conduct a series of evaluations to avoid incompatible models that may damage your system and to fulfill your power-matching needs.

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Reviews of the Best Subwoofer Amps


Rockford Fosgate R500X1D

If we’re talking about the line of the best subwoofer amps available in the market, then we can’t pass up the opportunity to test Rockford Fosgate R500X1D. Constructed with a high-efficiency Class-D amp design, this sub amplifier gets the job done at a low operating temperature that prevents short circuit or overcurrent dilemmas. 

As if its thermal sensors are not enough to impress our audio experts, Rockford Fosgate made sure that this amp model can handle the lowest frequencies with its Punch EQ configurations. 

During the testing, we’re able to get the sound we want without any hassle, all thanks to its infrasonic filter and remote level controls. 

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Alpine MRV-M500

If you’re looking for a more affordable option, the best we can recommend is the Alpine MRV-M500 Class-D digital amplifier. This budget-friendly amplifier delivers a max power rating of 1100 Watts and clear bass continuously owing to its non-shutdown design.  

On top of all that, our audio specialists are incredibly impressed with its dual feedback modulation settings that enable dynamic adjustment of audio input signals and result in an extensive frequency range. Alpine MRV-M500’s compact size and construction could also pose a considerable advantage to users with limited installation space. 

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Kicker KXA24001

Paying for quality is something that you’ll never regret [1]. In fact, our sound specialists proved this theory to be true when we tested Kicker KXA24001. Despite being on the higher spectrum of pricing, this subwoofer amplifier delivers massive power of 2400W RMS for great bass sounds. 

You’ll also have no problem with external noise or distortions because this amp features Fail-Safe Integration Technology that dispels any of those during music production. Besides that, it has a parametric KickEQ™ feature behind its folding door that allows efficient bass control and tuning.

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Subwoofer Amps Buyer’s Guide

Amplifier Class

Amplifiers are classified with one or two letters. These classes correspond as a grading system for their wave functionality. For example, class A amps need uninterrupted and high-flowing current, potentially leading to overheating issues. 

Meanwhile, Class B has a single-ended push/pull configuration that lessens power wastage but delivers delays. There are many more classes, but the most efficient is the Class-D amplifiers that utilize optimal power consumption. They’re also more compact, so it’s recommended if you have limited space.

Power Rating

When talking about power rating, you need to look at the amplifier’s watts RMS metric. To know how much overall power you’ll need, multiply that number with the number of subs you have in the system to ensure compatibility.


Since you have to connect wires and cables when setting up your amp into your subwoofer system, the inputs of your chosen amp must match properly. The two input specifications you should watch out for are the low-level and high-level inputs. 

(For customized enclosures, you can check this post about getting the best subwoofer box material


What type of amp is best for subwoofers?

The type of amp best for subwoofers is the Class-D amplifier. This audio power equipment has a more efficient technology and transistors suited for subwoofers available in the market nowadays.

Our Top Pick For a Subwoofer Amp:
Rockford Fosgate R500X1D

Coming from a trusted audio equipment brand, Rockford Fosgate R500X1D  exceeded the expectations of our resident audiophiles and ultimately led to being hailed as the best subwoofer amp out there. Giving highlight to its precise thermal sensors and onboard punch EQ, we can assure you that this amp is an excellent addition to your woofer system. 


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