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A backyard movie night with the right projector isn’t perfect without matching sound. You can either pick a stationary outdoor speaker, or a portable Bluetooth option. You have one shot at getting it right, or you will most likely be facing a long and arduous return. However, that won’t happen if you follow our audio team’s advice and pick from the best options below. 

Premium Pick
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Polk Audio Atrium 4
Budget Option
Hadisala H3

Reviews of the Top Speakers for an Outdoor Projector


Polk Audio Atrium 4

If you have looked around for quite a while for the best speakers for an outdoor projector, then you most likely have come across the Polk Audio Atrium 4. If you were ever wondering about the quality, wonder no more. Our audio team was blown away by not only the good-looking design, but also the wider sound dispersion these amazing speakers have.

Aside from excellent sound quality, you get all-weather performance so you can mount the Atrium 4 permanently without worrying about the elemental factors. The speed-lock mounting system is the easiest and safest to use, so outdoor movie night can happen right away.





The Kicker KB6000 combo are the best speakers for outdoor projector if you have a larger space. The speaker set comes with not 2, but 4 speakers, which also makes the KB6000 one that gives you great value for your money. 

The max wattage is 150 watts per speaker, which can give you 600 watts in total! The RMS isn’t that far off at 75 watts per speaker, or 300 in total.

The 2-way speaker has a woofer and a tweeter, which means the highs and lows are very pronounced. For those who want deep bass, the KB6000 will not disappoint. 




Hadisala H3

Our sonic engineers follow the large and expensive JBL Boombox with the small and very affordable Hadisala H3

The H3 is small, but it sure packs a lot of punch for your outdoor movies. The price is for one, but you can pair two of these powerful speakers together through the TWS function to enjoy true cinematic stereo sound that projects 360 degrees.

The unit comes with Bluetooth 5.0 technology, which gives further range than the standard connection and a stabler link as well. The battery life can last a good long while and you can even take calls thanks to the built-in mic. 




Polk Audio Atrium 5

The Polk Atrium 5 is another excellent sound source for your outdoor movie night. These speakers are a step up from the Atrium 4 in terms of power because each channel can deliver up to 100W.

Most of the other features are the same as the Atrium 4. You can find Polk’s patented Dynamic Balance Technology and Power Port Technology. You can find the same easy 180-degree speed lock mounting system that can get your outdoor speakers set up and paired with your movie projector in no time at all.

Aside from 2 colors and crisp sound, you also get very sturdy construction with these external speakers.




Treblab HD77

If you like the Bluetooth speaker idea for your movie projector but want something in between the Hadisala and JBL models, then the Treblab HD77 is the one for you. Not only does the small speaker have an IPX6 water resistance rating, but it also has an indestructible shock-proof body!

You can get 360-degree surround sound by pairing 2 of these speakers together. Take the speaker anywhere with you, no matter the weather, and connect it instantly to all mobile devices. The HD77 has a carabiner, carrying strap, and it even has an in-built mic! 





Outdoor speakers aren’t the only option to enjoy music and movie content in your backyard. For those who prefer soundbars, our audio engineers have you covered. The Bestisan 100 will pair well with your outdoor projector and do the job as well as any speaker would.

It has RCA, Bluetooth, and AUX connection to connect to your projector easily. The 40-inch soundbar can produce 105dB of sound plus deep bass to punctuate any movie and music content. Soundbars often have sound modes, and the Bestisan 100 has movie, music, and dialogue modes to enhance your experience. 




Anker Soundcore Motion Boom

Our sonic experts round out the list of the best speakers for an outdoor projector with the Anker Soundcore Motion Boom. With a name like that, our team’s expectations started off very high, but they were not disappointed. There is so much packed into the small and portable body our experts were amazed how Anker managed to fit so much.

There are titanium drivers with BassUp Technology for resounding bass, an IPX7 waterproof rating of the highest quality materials, and up to 24 hours of playtime on a single charge. To top it all off, the Anker Soundcore Motion Boom floats!




JBL Boombox

The most expensive option on our list is the JBL Boombox. Our audio experts always make sure to include a wide range of products all priced differently so every consumer can find an option for their needs. The JBL BoomBox is for those who want portable speakers with Bluetooth connection.

The BoomBox has a carrying handle built right into the design and it is among the most durable outdoor projector speakers on our list. The unit has a IPX7 waterproof rating that can handle water immersion. Backyard movie night, pool party day, and outdoor BBQs can now be accompanied by big and booming sound quality. 



Speakers for Outdoor Projectors Buyer’s Guide

Not sure which of the above is the best choice for you? Our experts created a checklist down below to help you sort through the top speakers for an outdoor projector to find the ultimate one you can use for watching movies in your backyard.

Size and Portability

As our team mentioned before, there are a few options you can go for in terms of external speakers for outdoor projectors. You can go with mountable outdoor speakers, portable Bluetooth speakers, or even a soundbar.  

The size will depend on your space and which type of speaker you go for. Wireless speakers are the ones that offer the most portability, and the other two types are more permanent fixtures. It’s still possible to move a soundbar, but the mountable outdoor speakers like the ones on our list are not easily moved after they have been secured. 

Our experts ask if you want a portable design or not. For smaller spaces, the best speaker option we would suggest is a wireless portable speaker. This type of speaker has a smaller footprint than the other two options and a lot of them have stereo pairing available so you can still enjoy that encompassing sound that larger speakers can bring.

Type of Speaker

The type of speaker ties into our point above. Do you want a mountable speaker, a small portable one or a soundbar? If you have a permanent setup outdoors complete with a projector, screen, or maybe even a TV, then our experts recommend a mountable model. These speakers usually come in pairs, but other models like the Kicker option we have above have 4. 

How many you need depends on how large your space is. 2 speakers can effectively create stereo sound, and 4 can produce a more immersive experience. Cableless speakers that are small, portable, and weather-resistant are recommended for those who do not have a permanent setup and only bring out their projectors from time to time.

A soundbar is good for audio modes, and they are more feature-packed than a lot of the speaker options out there. As far as the price goes, all the speaker types are pretty on par with each other. You can find very budget options in each category and premium ones as well.

Sound Quality

What impacts the sound quality of the best speaker for an outdoor projector? It’s the material of the drivers and embedded technologies. For example, the BassUp Tech in the Anker Soundcore Motion Boom and the Dynamic Balance Technology from Polk are both excellent examples of what manufacturers and brands can do to one-up the competition.

3-way speakers will generally bring better audio quality than one that’s not full range and only two-way. Our experts recommend looking for 3-way speakers, meaning ones that feature a woofer, tweeter, and super tweeter or mid-range. A device that has 3 dedicated drivers to different sections of the sound spectrum will bring more balanced sound. 

A 2-way speaker, or one that has a tweeter and a woofer, can still bring amazing sound to your backyard events if it’s well constructed. Our audio team always suggests prioritizing quality over the design, because a well-built 2-way will sound better than a 3-way speaker with shoddy construction. 

Power and Volume

The power and volume is the key indicator to how far the sound can reach. In a backyard space, which is generally larger than indoor rooms, you need quite some power to enjoy enveloping sound. 

A speaker features 2 ratings – the RMS and peak output. As we outlined for the Kicker KB6000, the RMS is lower than the peak output, but it is the more important one.

The RMS for your device is the rating at which you can pump your speakers continuously without risking damage. The peak output is for short bursts and is not recommended for continual playing. Both figures are measured in watts [1], and if you want loud sound, then go for a higher wattage.


Since we’re talking about speakers for outdoor projectors, there are various elements that could affect the durability and longevity of your speakers. Backyard outdoor movie night plans can often be ruined due to rainy weather, but it won’t be if you find a speaker combo that features waterproof or at least water-resistant properties. 

Many of the ones we offer have an IP rating. This is the rating for how well protected the external speakers are against solids and liquids. The first figure is for solids and the second is for liquids. The higher the number, the better the protection.

You will notice that the speakers on our list have “X” as the first figure. This means that the device is not protected against solids. Most of the options have 7 as the liquid protection rating, which means the entire device can be immersed in water without any risk.

Making sure the best Bluetooth speakers or ones with a wired connection have waterproofing properties is one of the most important aspects our sound team suggests.

Material Durability

The material durability of your external projector speakers will affect the sound quality as well as the construction of every component. For the tweeter, our experts recommend a speaker that features silk dome tweeters for fidelity and woofer cones that are reinforced. As for the surrounds, butyl rubber is durable and won’t cost a lot.

Backyard movie events are not a trend, and one would hope to enjoy movies for as long as possible, which is why you have to make sure your speaker has a sturdy enough construction to last.

Easy Setup

There isn’t much of a setup involved in Bluetooth portable speakers or even soundbars. The type of speakers that do require some installation are the mountable types, such as the Atrium 4 and 5. 

Luckily, these speakers feature the speed-lock mounting system that can get you set up within a matter of minutes. Make sure the speaker you go for is not difficult to hook up and connect. It’s also important to make sure the unit has all the components included in the box.

Connectivity Options

Wired or wireless? There is a good chance your mounted speakers do not have wireless connectivity, so if you intend on pairing devices without cables, definitely look into wireless options. 

Our team says looking for a unit that features both types of connections and maybe even a USB port and SD card reader is best. It provides users with much more versatility for backyard movie viewing.

Battery Life

Battery life won’t matter for most wired connections, since they should be connected to a charging source to work. If you opt for wireless outdoor movie speakers to go with your projector, then battery life is a serious consideration. How long does it take to get to a full charge? How many hours of playtime does a single charge offer?

Our audiophiles say to look for a large battery capacity because it usually means the speaker can give you more hours of outdoor movie enjoyment. 


How do you hook up speakers to an outdoor projector?

You hook up speakers to an outdoor projector either with a wire or wirelessly depending on your speakers. First, position the speakers where you want them. Wired connections are plug-and-play, and wireless pairing is simple. Turn on both devices, put them into pairing mode, connect, and play!

Do outdoor projectors need speakers?

Yes, outdoor projectors need speakers if you want to enjoy bigger and better sound. Some projectors have speakers built in, but more often than not, the audio quality is poor. Adding external speakers can really amplify the sound, boost the quality, and create a more expansive experience. 

Our Top Pick For a Speaker For an Outdoor Projector:
Polk Audio Atrium 4

Our team’s top pick for the best speakers for an outdoor projector is the Polk Atrium 4. They are unmatched in appearance and are very easy to install thanks to the speed-lock mounting system. Use them indoors and out as they are weather resistant. The Atrium 4 is driven by a woofer and tweeter for a surprisingly wide dispersion and broad soundstage. 

For excellent speakers that can pump up the jam, you can always check the list below: 

High-quality levitating speakers with Bluetooth  

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