Where to Place Subwoofers in a Car? — Best Placement + Tips

Car subwoofers have become tremendously popular. Car owners who are music enthusiasts know that driving without low pitches is boring. However, one question that has sparked debate is where to place subwoofers in a car. Placing the sub in the wrong position can minimize your audio experience. Therefore, you need to get the best position for subwoofers in the car. Our experts have this to say about their placements.

Consider These First

Subwoofer positioning is essential for premium quality sounds and a superb listening experience. Whether you already own the best subwoofer or are about to acquire one, you may never be happy with yourself if you get the placement wrong. In addition, you may curse yourself for throwing such a considerable amount of money on a worthless piece.

subwoofer on the floor

Many don’t know which position is best for subwoofers. The choice is usually divided between the trunk and the front. Some commonly place their subwoofer in the trunk; others choose the front or rear placement. 

Sometimes, it can be confusing to choose the ideal position because what works for “A” might not work for “B.” When talking about the best position for subwoofer placement, our audio team recommends that you consider the following factors

Size and Available Space of Your Car

The available space in your car will determine the size of the sub you can install. If you have a limited amount of space, it would be wise to opt for a subwoofer that’s not big and that can fit into the available space seamlessly.

DODGE DQC110D subwoofer box

But, if you have a considerable amount of space, you can go for bigger subs, but our technical engineers still recommend that you don’t utilize all the cargo space in your vehicle. When it comes to subwoofers, size doesn’t determine how deep or forceful sound quality is. 

Number of Subwoofers

Some car owners place more than one subwoofer in a vehicle, while others restrict just using one. The available space of your car also plays a big part in this one. If you have the right amount of space to house two or three subwoofers at once, then go for it.

Again, our technical team recommends that you don’t use all the available cargo space in the vehicle. If, after installing, and the available space is so tiny, you should consider installing one and not two.

Type of Subwoofer (Upfiring Vs. Downfiring)

Some car owners like the sound coming from the speaker’s bottom (downfiring), while others prefer the sound projected from the driver’s front (upfiring). The space in your vehicle will determine the best type of subwoofer to install.

Skar Audio VD-8 D2 Subwoofer installed in a car

Ideal Placement of Subwoofers in a Car

Rear Seat

This is one of the most typical ways of placing a subwoofer. The majority of car owners use this position to achieve better sound distribution and superb bass production. The person installs the sub in the trunk against the rear seats, facing the driving or front seat. 

Front of the Car

This is the most unconventional position for placing a sub. This position entails putting the subwoofer in the front of the car in an inverted position while facing the driver and passenger seat. If you are not interested in getting so much bass, this position is for you.

Trunk Corner

By a distance, this is the most popular way for placing a subwoofer. Car owners use this position to save more space in their vehicles since it’s located at the back and out of where passengers can see it.

Facing the sub upwards and fastening it to the back seats produces quality and smooth low pitches without taking much space[1]. In addition, it offers clear treble sounds that won’t rattle the trunk corner.

subwoofer in car trunk

When experimenting with this position, you need to pay attention to the sound delivery and the impact. For instance, if the subwoofer is inclined towards the right side, the sound will be louder for the driver, but the passengers will have better low-frequency sounds.

Under the Seat

You can also place your sub under the car seats. This is the most common way of hiding your subwoofer if you want to. By placing your subwoofer in this direction, you will achieve excellent sound quality.

You should place your sub under the back seats for better sound delivery and execution.


Which way should a subwoofer face in a car?

Your subwoofer should face upwards or towards the trunk of your car. This is the most convenient direction and recommended because it gives you great bass output without taking so much space and providing clear sounds.


There’s nothing like, “this is the best direction for subwoofer placement.” When it comes to finding their best position in a car, it’s no one size fits all kind of thing. Several factors play out, and those will influence your decision. Our audio experts recommend you try experimenting with different positions to get the ideal placement. Only this can guarantee the best sound experience.


Willie Greer
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