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Marine subwoofers make it easy for you to enjoy your time while on a boat or a ship. They offer great sound quality and can withstand the perils of marine life. But, it is not easy finding the right marine grade subwoofers because some models underpromise resistance to moisture and humidity at sea. That said, our technical experts share our tried and tested marine subwoofer options here.

Premium Option
Infinity Mobile Marine Subwoofer
Editor's Choice
Rockford Fosgate Marine Subwoofer
Budget Option
Bazooka Marine Tube Subwoofer

Reviews of the Top Marine Subwoofers


Infinity 1022MLT Mobile Marine Subwoofer

Infinity Reference is another company that you might not know for its subwoofers or audio equipment. But, they also pack quite a punch. With this subwoofer, the company has done pretty well. 

The Infinity 1022MLT Mobile Marine Subwoofer works for different environments, including as a car subwoofer, in  rooms, and in boats. Besides its versatility, it is also very functional. The boat subwoofer offers built-in LED lighting, as well as a 150 Watts RMS output power. 

With an impedance of 4 Ohms and a frequency range of 25 Hz to 500 Hz, the boat subwoofer is just perfect for use. 

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Bazooka MBTA8100 Marine Tube Subwoofer

Even though Bazooka isn’t so famous when it comes to designing sound equipment, they do have one of the best marine subwoofers available. 

This product comes with just about everything you need to enjoy a day out on the ocean. It is light and petite, with an 8-inch size that you can carry around with you just about everywhere you go. 

The Bazooka MBTA8250D subwoofer has a low impedance rating, allowing you to raise your sound quality levels as you like. This means that you can get a larger window if you like to use EQ adjustments to adjust your sound. The marine speakers are fully marine-certified, and they have bodies that withstand UV rays. 

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BOSS Audio Systems ASK904B.64 Marine Subwoofer

Unlike Bazooka, BOSS Audio Systems is a pretty popular manufacturer of sound equipment. With this product from the company, you have something that works for all types of boats.

Besides being water-resistant, this boat subwoofer also has a full-range amplifier.  

With Bluetooth high quality audio streaming, this sub allows you to connect to services like Apple Music and Spotify to play your songs. Its weather resistant conductors will avoid corrosion, and it is fully marine-certified. 

The Boss Audio Systems ASK904B.64 marine subwoofer is excellent on all fronts, with no distortion to your sound and a good 500 Watt power rating. 

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Pyle PLMRW8 Hydra Waterproof Marine Subwoofer

If you’re looking for something more affordable, you can get the Pyle PLMRW8 Marine Subwoofer. It delivers 400 Watts of power, which is pretty impressive. Its 8-inch size might be a bit small, but you can find something in the 10-inch range as well. 

With a frequency range of 35 Hz to 3.5KHz, this sub definitely produces crisp and clear sound. Even better, you get a 40-ounce magnet and a 1.5-inch coil to optimize performance. The audio system has an industry standard waterproof casing, and its small dimensions mean that you won’t have any issues with installation. 

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Kicker 41KMW102LC KM 10-Inch Marine Subwoofer

Kicker is always a fan favorite when it comes to subwoofer builds. The company’s KM series is truly a thing of beauty. 

With this product, you get a 10-inch subwoofer with 2 Ohms impedance. Note that there is also a 12-inch subwoofer available under the same name. If you want something bigger, the voice coil available in this audio system measures 1 inch, and it’s made of titanium. At least, that gets points for material quality. 

As expected, you get a waterproof material that will be able to hold its own against weather changes and swings. The Kicker KM 10-Inch Sub comes with a 175 Watts RMS power too, while peak power is 300 Watts.

(If you are testing out brands and looking for high-quality product, you can also check our full review of Velodyne Acoustics subwoofers here 

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Fusion Garmin MS-SW10 Marine Subwoofer

The Fusion Garmin MS-SW10 marine subwoofer offers a 2-inch coil and a 60-ounce magnet, delivering a strong bass power that you will be able to feel easily. With a 10-inch size and 4.5 inches in depths, you will be able to install this product easily. 

The casing itself is made of marine-grade molded ABS plastic, so the sub withstands long exposure to sunlight and water without issues. 

With this sub, you get a peak power output of 400 Watts. Its 200 Watts RMS power rating is impressive too.  

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Rockford Fosgate M2 M212S4 Marine Subwoofer

Kicking off our list of the best marine subwoofers is the Rockford Fosgate M2 M212S4B Marine Subwoofer. This is a high-powered, high-efficiency marine subwoofer that will immediately make an impact. 

This subwoofer comes with dual coils, offering superior sound quality without distortions. It is marine certified, and the sub has an IPX6 waterproof rating. As a marine subwoofer, this product comes with LED lighting. 

Its peak power rating is a staggering 600 Watts, meaning that you get all the powerful bass you could ever need. With a 4-Ohm impedance, the subwoofer will definitely keep you on your feet.

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Marine Subwoofer Buyer’s Guide

Below, we outline opinions from our engineers about some of the top things you need to keep in mind as you purchase marine systems.

Size and Fit

A marine subwoofer is typically designed for different purposes. However, like all subwoofers, it is important for you to find one that fits perfectly for the desired purpose. Generally, the ideal way to find the best marine subwoofers will be to think about the setting you want to use them in. From there, it will be much easier to know what size you need. 

You can find marine subs in different size options, ranging from the tiny 6.5-inch sound system options to the bigger ones that measure as high as 15 inches. Just remember that the best boat subwoofer for you will depend on what you need the sub for. 

You should also consider the sub’s fit. If a sub fits the right purpose and can be easily installed, you’ve got the best option for you. 

Material Quality

The material quality of a subwoofer is another important metric that you should keep in mind. Generally, subwoofers come with different material options, all of which are designed to keep the internal components safe while amplifying sound output. 

But, you also need to think about what you want to use the sub for. If you’re playing music in an open space and there will be people moving from place to place, you need something that can withstand a hit or a collision. 

But, if you’re using the sub as part of your sound system or in a small room, you can get something with a weaker material since it won’t really come in handy. 

The material quality is especially important when it comes to a marine subwoofer. You generally want something that is waterproof, so no water gets into its internal components. At the same time, you don’t want something that’s too heavy – especially if you will be going on a boat and you want the subwoofer with you.

It is also possible to coat a marine sub with something like a synthetic rubber surround. Many marine subwoofer reviews recommend this, and you can find them with brands like Polk Audio and JL Audio. In fact, Polk Audio is especially famous for this

Like the size, your choice of great marine subwoofer based on material quality will depend primarily on what you want to use the sub for.  


As many marine subwoofer reviews will tell you, the power output – measured in Watts RMS and more –  is one of the most important things you need to keep in mind when getting a marine subwoofer. But, like many other factors, it is also a subjective one. Primarily, you want a subwoofer that has an adequate power rating. 

There are a lot of more power metrics [1] to consider. There is the peak power output, which is the maximum power output that a sub can handle in a short burst without shorting out or blowing its fuse. If the subwoofer is subjected to its peak power output level for a long period, its wires will overheat and the voice coils could get damaged from there.

Then, there is RMS power. Short for “root mean square,” the RMS stands for the continuous power handling that a subwoofer has. The RMS power ratings are usually lower than peak power, but it plays a significant role in determining the sub’s power capabilities nonetheless. 

Think of it as the average amount of power that a sub can handle every day without having any effect on powerful sound quality or causing distortion. 

As expected, subwoofers with more power values will be able to deliver better sound and richer qualities. But, you don’t necessarily need the highest volumes if you’re going out to sea and just need something mild. As always, try to go with something that fits your setting the best. 

Of course, you should also remember things like electrical resistance. A sub with a higher electrical resistance might not be so good. 


The wiring is usually important when it comes to marine subs because of how they work. A marine audio system will be used close to water, and you want to make sure that the wiring won’t be affected in any way. 

Some of the topmost marine stereo systems won’t come with wires at all. Others will, but their wires will be safe and tucked or coated with strong materials to prevent the entry and penetration of water. 

Considering that the wiring is very important to the way the subwoofer functions, it is also critical that you keep an eye on it and make sure that it is solid and safe. This can’t be stressed enough. 

(For more connectivity options, you can also connect two subwoofers to a receiver using this guide here


Waterproofing is another important feature that the best marine grade subwoofers have. With waterproofing, you get to protect the sub and all its internal components from water damage. Given that the sub will be working close to a water body, this is definitely important. 

In some cases, you will be able to get a marine subwoofer that is waterproof. So, you don’t need to bother about anything else. But, you might also get a subwoofer and waterproof it yourself. The process is lengthy, but it might be worth it if you already have a subwoofer that is perfect and all you need is waterproofing. 

Nevertheless, our sound engineers recommend that you get a waterproof option with an IPX rating of IPX6 instead. Many of them come with warranties, so you’re safe from any liability on your end. 


The ease of installing a marine subwoofer is also a critical thing that you should consider. All subs come with different installation steps and instructions and finding the one that works easily can be a bit of a chore. But, considering that these products are from different brands, there’s a high chance that they’re not exactly installed the same way. 

To make the right decision, make sure you select a sub that is very easy to install. Look into the steps and how best to get it done, then you should be able to select the option that is easiest to install.

Some products could even come with wired remote level control, making their installation easier.  Also, mounting equipment will be a big plus. Things like velcro reinforced mounting straps should be on your list too. 

If you’re unable to get the installation right, then you might need a professional installation service. 

(For vehical installation, we have these simple steps on hooking up subwoofer in a car properly


Sometimes, having just water resistance and a stainless steel hardware might not be enough to protect your boat subwoofers. Many boat subwoofers need more than this. 

To be fair, marine certification isn’t so important when you’re choosing a marine subwoofer. This is primarily because the subwoofer’s work will mostly be based on its performance. 

If you see a subwoofer that has a marine certificate, it adds a little bit of credibility to the product and you should definitely consider that when making a purchase. But, this doesn’t mean that you should only consider the sub’s certification over everything else. 

There are a lot of marine certification options – from the material and functionality to waterproofing. Try to see what the marine certificate options of your desired product are and know what they mean.


Why use a marine subwoofer for your boat?

A marine subwoofer is an ideal option for your boat because of several reasons. But, it is primarily due to the makeup and material strength. If you have a boat, you need to ensure that your subwoofer can withstand the environmental toll of marine climate. 

The marine environment comes with a lot of moisture, swift temperature changes, and possible exposure to the sun’s ultraviolet rays. A marine subwoofer is uniquely positioned to handle these conditions, while still offering the type of quality sound delivery that you’re used to. 

When you consider the type of damage that marine climate can cause, you’ll find that a marine subwoofer is an ideal choice for you.

What happens when it gets wet?

If you have a marine subwoofer, there’s a high chance that it will be able to handle wetness. The best marine subwoofers are waterproof, so contact with water won’t affect them at all. This is an important thing to look out for at all times. 

Our Top Pick For a Marine Subwoofer:
Rockford Fosgate M2 M212S4B

The Rockford Fosgate M2 M212S4B Marine Subwoofer is our top pick here. It is a great marine subwoofer unit, offering dual voice coils for bass output and an IPX6 waterproof rating for security. You also get a peak power rating of 600 Watts and a low pass filter, meaning that the subwoofer can produce high power to drive its performance and improve your listening experience.

For other great options, we also listed these products below: 


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