Which is the Best Klipsch Subwoofer? (2022) — Our Ultimate Favorites From the Brand

best klipsch subwoofer

Klipsch deems themselves the keepers of sound, and while their speakers are great, how do their subwoofers compare? Will you be left disappointed with an under-powered sub or will you be pleasantly surprised by deep thumping bass? Our sound engineers are here to answer this question with a review of the best Klipsch subwoofers.

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Reviews of the Best Klipsch Subwoofers

1. Klipsch R-100SW

Featuring a front-firing copper spun IMG woofer, the Klipsch R-100SW has an all-digital amp with a total of 300W of power. For receiver compatibility, Klipsch has line level LFE and RCA inputs. Since the bass is of a smaller size, the placement is also much more flexible than larger models.

What’s amazing about the proprietary copper IMG woofers from Klipsch is the lightweight body and the rigidity. The copper-spun woofers allow for a low frequency response and minimal distortion for responsive bass. You also have the all-digital amplifier built into the system for the best efficiency.

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2. Klipsch SPL-150SW

The bass reflex on the Klipsch SPL-150SW is highly responsive, which has garnered many positive reviews and impressed our sound experts. The subwoofer has a front-firing flare port for placement flexibility against walls. For even more placement freedom, the SPL-150SW is compatible with Klipsch’s wireless kit.

The rubber feet absorb vibrations and shock and the ebony finish is scratch-resistant for maximum durability. As most Klipsch speakers and subwoofers have, the SPL-150SW also has copper-spun woofers that are lightweight and rigid for crisp bass sounds. 

The subwoofer is a larger 15 inches, which provides greater power than the other models at 800W peak power.

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3. Klipsch Reference R-10SW

You can still get all of Klipsch’s benefits without spending over 200 with the Klipsch Reference R-10SW. The small subwoofer also has the copper-spun front-firing subwoofer with an all digital amp that supplies 300W at peak power.

The R-10SW is compatible with more receivers, thanks to the line/LFE inputs. The sub also has a low crossover and phase control so you have maximum command over the subwoofer and the bass. Like the Klipsch R-120SW, the bass from the Klipsch Reference R-10SW is tight and clean, which will punctuate both music and movies plus enhance your gameplay.

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4. Klipsch 12" 400 Watts Wireless Subwoofer (R-12SWi)

The Klipsch 12-inch R-12SWi is the best balance between power and sound of the previous models on the list. It’s the more standard size option and delivers incredible bass. 

An extra feature our music experts appreciated was the LED [1] power indicator, so you can always keep track of your subwoofer. The amazing copper-spun IMG woofer is housed inside an MDF cabinet with a brushed polymer veneer finish that is durable and scratch-resistant.

Of course, the R-12SWi also has an all-digital amplifier, low pass crossover, and phase control that is present in most models.

For a more information about the model, you can check our detailed review of the Klipsch R-12SWi here

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Klipsch Subwoofer Buyer’s Guide

Design and Material

The best Klipsch subwoofer will have an aesthetically-pleasing design that fits with your interiors and look for ones made out of strong MDF and other scratch-resistant materials.

Audio Quality and Compatibility

Our audio team suggests looking for a lower bass response for deep and thumping tones. Fortunately, Klipsch offers maximum compatibility with receivers and the rest of your setup with line level inputs and more. 

Our Top Pick For a Klipsch Subwoofer:
Klipsch R-100SW

Our audiophiles’ top pick for the best Klipsch subwoofer is the R-100SW. Not only does it feature the brand’s copper-spun IMG woofer, there are also line-level and RCA inputs for maximum compatibility with your receiver. The small Klipsch R-1000SW can generate up to 300W at peak power to enhance your content. 


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