What is the Best Projector Under 1000?

You don’t have to opt for a TV in your home theater. A projector can actually offer a larger viewing screen and is easier on the eyes over time. But this is only true if you know what to look for, which is why our experts have reviewed the best home theater projectors under 1000 to help you elevate your home cinema setup.

Best Overall
Epson Home Cinema 2150
Best for Color and Brightness
Epson Pro EX9220
Best for Features
BenQ HT2050A
Epson 2150
Sakobs Computer Speakers
BenQ HT2050A
The Cinema 2150 from Epson has everything you need and is one of the best projectors under 1000. It can deliver widescreen full HD entertainment from up to 11 feet away. Enjoy true lifelike images with this Home Cinema from Epson.
The Epson Pro EX9220 is the best choice for vivid colors and brightness that will permeate your dark setup. The projector is professional quality and high resolution to improve your overall home theater experience.
The BenQ HT2050A is a projector with all the bells and whistles. These fancy features include full HD resolution, cinematic color, easy portability and DLP technology to name a few.
Best Overall
Epson Home Cinema 2150
Epson 2150
The Cinema 2150 from Epson has everything you need and is one of the best projectors under 1000. It can deliver widescreen full HD entertainment from up to 11 feet away. Enjoy true lifelike images with this Home Cinema from Epson.
Best for Color and Brightness
Epson Pro EX9220
Sakobs Computer Speakers
The Epson Pro EX9220 is the best choice for vivid colors and brightness that will permeate your dark setup. The projector is professional quality and high resolution to improve your overall home theater experience.
Best for Features
BenQ HT2050A
BenQ HT2050A
The BenQ HT2050A is a projector with all the bells and whistles. These fancy features include full HD resolution, cinematic color, easy portability and DLP technology to name a few.

Reviews of the
Best Home Theater Projectors Under 1000

1. Epson Home Cinema 2150

The Home Cinema 2150 projector from Epson is an innovative masterpiece, one of the best projectors for watching movies at an affordable price. The 3lcd projector has three different types of mounting to suit any movie house setup. Plus, the 2500 lumens of brightness is ideal for any type of lighting, making this home theater projector doubly convenient, easy to use, and a great viewing experience for Blu Ray movies.

This Epson 3lcd projector delivers full HD 1080p resolution and comes with an amazing 60,000:1 contrast ratio to provide rich colors and to enhance details even when the screen is dark. Projectors such as this are a great deal in terms of screen size and better picture quality.

As for compatibility, The Epson Home Cinema 2150 projector can work with all MHL enabled devices and can support mirroring features of your favorite content either from android and windows devices. 

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2. Epson Pro EX9220

If you are looking for projectors that feature bright and vivid color with a full High Definition 1080p native resolution, then the Epson Pro EX9220 is the right projector for you. The lighting of the room will not affect the great performance of the projector even in well-lit rooms.

The color accuracy won’t wash out in ambient light, as this projector has 3600 lumens of color and white light. This will create a balanced best contrast ratio for watching movies. Like the other Epson projector option on our list, The Epson EX9220 projector can support wireless mirroring and project content from your media devices.

Other than superior mirror casting, the projector can also connect wirelessly to your devices via Bluetooth and connect with an HDMI cable.

(If you want to reduce noise and heat from your projector, making a projector hush box is a great solution)

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3. BenQ HT2050A Projector

The 1080p projector from BenQ has 2200 lumens of high brightness, 1.3x zoom, 100 inch screen, a great native resolution, and ideal color accuracy calibration to ensure the most accurate image. This HT2050A projector video projector is suitable for many purposes, although our experts say you can get the best gaming projector experience from this unit. That’s thanks to its minimal lag of 16ms and 15000:1 contrast ratio.

It can provide up to a 100 inch display screen size from a mere 8 feet away for native resolution great image features. The BenQ HT2050A projector has similar ease of set up to the Optoma projector which can connect to multiple media devices. This is also why it often ends up on top 10 lists constantly.

The award-winning 1080p projector benq projector is outfitted with technology DLP, lens shift, the industry-leading technology used in IMAX movies. 

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4. Optoma HD28HDR 1080p Projector

The Optoma HD28HDR projector also offers 1080p of crystal clear image quality and a built-in speaker. This is a projector that supports up to 4K quality features and 3600 lumens of brightness. It has an incredibly fast response time and minimal lag no matter what you plan to use it for.

With 4K projector UHD inputs, the Optoma HD28HDR projector provides better image depth in lumens of brightness than other models. At this price point, you’d be hard-pressed to find a similar projector. Optoma also includes a dongle that works with Chromecast, Apple TV, or Fire TV.

The HD28HDR display delivers 1080p 3D content. The maintenance required for the HD28HDR is also minimal, because the life of the lamp projector is an impressive 15,000 hours. This basically means the projector is here to stay for years to come.

(If you want to have a projector in your living room area, you can check these steps on how to properly install a projector in a living room

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5. ViewSonic PJD7828HDL 3200 Lumens Full HD 1080p Projector

Viewsonic makes amazing TVs, and now you can enjoy their top quality content on a bigger screen with the help of their shorter throw projector. The amazing projector features has an unmatched maximum screen measurement of 300 inches with a brightness of 3200 lumens.

It’s hard to remember you are in your living room when you are enjoying cinema-like visuals. Even without a movie house speaker system for sound quality, your View Sonic PJD7828HDL 3200 Lumens Full HD 1080p Projector can make up for it with two built in speakers.

Everything you need is in the box, including the remote control. Plus, Viewsonic stands by their product 100% with a long 3-year warranty. 

You may also check the other projector with 1920 x 1080 resolution from the same brand. The PX700HD with 3500 lumens and PX727HD with RGB and Rec 709 Color.

For the home theater setup, here’s how you can connect speakers to projector easily

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Home Cinema Projectors Under $1000 Buyer’s Guide

Buying a projector may not be as easy as it looks. Our experts will now dive deeper into what the best projectors under 1000 will offer you for your money. Not only should you refer to this list to ensure that you will buy one of the best projectors in the market, but so that you will be able to choose what’s most suitable for your needs.

Design and Build

Before you decide on the design of your ideal projector, it’s better to first identify what you will use the projector for and where. To ensure the best picture image, you will need to place the projector a certain distance away from the wall to have a clear and better image. 

Do you have enough space to complement your setup? How much ambient light or external light source will there be in the room? These are all factors to consider when deciding on which one you want to use. The image size offered for high resolution image will need to be compatible with your room. Using a home theater room size calculator will give you an idea about size dimensions for your projector as well as the theater system. 

Look at the build of the projector under 1000. Is it mountable? How many ways can you mount it? The finest projector under 1000 will offer flexibility in terms of placement and keep out of your way without sacrificing the picture image quality for location.

How do you control the projector? Does it have a mini remote or do you have to use the control panel on the machine? If you’re going to use the projector without a remote, keep in mind that it should not mounted on the ceiling since it will provide difficult accessibility to the controls.

Whichever projector under 1000 you decide to go for, you must make sure the build of the projector is top quality to ensure longevity. A functioning fan that will disperse the heat will also lengthen the lifespan of your device.

Display Resolution

One of the most important things about a visual device is the native resolution [1]. How detailed do you want the image quality to be? Most projectors, whether you want to use a gaming experience projector to improve your gaming experience or one that will produce high quality image visuals for your movie, will come with at least full HD. This should be the minimum criteria for you to get the best possible images.

Of course, it doesn’t stop there, because there are also better projectors on the high end of the market that can hit the 4K native resolution image mark, but that will exceed the 1000 price limit we have today.

Our experts recommend at least HD 1080p resolution for the most basic media enjoyment and picture quality in your movie house. Remember that there are different levels of HD, or high definition resolution in video. 720 is also in the HD dynamic range, but does not produce pictures that are as clear as 1080.

Display Technology

The display technology offered by your projector should support the higher resolution. For example, DLP projectors will support the best quality content and this technology is also found in IMAX theaters or Dolby Cinema.

The other option for display technology is the LCD projector. To be perfectly honest, our experts say LCD is not as efficient as DLP projectors, which uses tiny mirrors and a spinning color wheel that has a rainbow effect for crystal clear and accurate colors.

If we have the option of DLP projectors or LCD display technology, our experts will choose DLP projectors over LCD every time, as they are the better investment.

Projector’s Throw Distance

Let’s start this section by defining what the throw distance or throw ratio of a video projector is. The throw distance, simply put, is how far the projector needs to be to “throw” the image onto the DIY projector screen or wall to deliver high quality picture of a certain size.

This section also ties into the first design aspect. Consider how big you want the video screen to be, how big your room is and your overall setup to decide on the throw distance. A short throw projector model is recommended by our team for a small room and high color accuracy.

A short throw projector in a large room would be inefficient because the size of the screen would be too small and your setup short throw would need to be congregated close to the wall.


The lumens figure attached to a projector refers to the color brightness and white brightness of the light. This feature has an impact on the color image accuracy in projectors, and could also affect the quality in ambient light.. You may also sometimes see the light brightness referred to as Ansi lumens. The difference between an Ansi lumens projector is just the accuracy and preciseness of the light measurement.

The lumens rating of the finest projectors under 1000 price basically means how bright the projector is. You would need higher lumens for a larger and darker setup. A short throw projector in a smaller room for example, can get away with a lower lumens rating.

High Contrast Ratio

The contrast ratio of the best projectors under 1000 will work hand in hand with the lumens and brightness rating. The contrast ratio pertains to the white and black levels of images. If your projector supports a higher contrast ratio, this will mean the white brightness and the brightness of the black level lights are also higher on the video.

You need a higher contrast ratio projector, such as the BenQ HT2150ST which has 15000:1 contrast ratio. That’s because if your projector supports a high contrast ratio with high lumens, it will produce the most vivid and realistic image visuals. Without it, your picture will look washed out and dull regardless of the lumens.

Keystone Correction

The keystone correction may sound like a fancy feature, but it is essentially the adjustment of the lens in your projector. A projector with this correction can be angled higher or lower depending on the flat surface you place it on. The purpose of this feature in the best projector under 1000 price is flexibility of placement.

Lamp Lives

The type of lamp used to illuminate your picture is important in all top 10 projectors. The lamp life refers to how long the lamp can function before you need to replace it. The average lamp life of average video projectors reaches up to 4,000 hours of viewing time. There are some models that are extra efficient and can offer up to 5,000 hours.

However, in the best projector under 1000 if you choose to have a projector supports with LCD lighting, the life of lamp can reach upwards of 20,000 hours! LCD lights are energy-saving and among the best for high brightness.

For a DIY projector screen, you can choose the best projector screen paint we discussed here. 

Wireless Connectivity

There are some projector models on the market that can offer wireless connection in the form of Bluetooth. A Bluetooth enabled projector can cast your content directly onto the screen or wall without the need for messy wires and cables. This is better if you can do away with the clutter and if you want something easy to use. However, if you have a short throw option, the benefits of Bluetooth for a cleaner setup is less necessary.

(For soundbars that can seamlessly connect to your projector, you can check our list of the best soundbars for projector here)

Bluetooth can also allow great compatibility for other media devices you would want to connect to your projector. Having a wireless network could impact the price range of your projector but our experts say it’s worth the extra cost since the overall experience is better.

If you want to use wired connections, the best projector will offer two HDMI ports, VGA and DVI input options for your convenience. However, our experts always advise using HDMI in projectors for low input lag. Using a wired connection over Bluetooth wireless casting will also ensure lower input lag.

Wireless connectivity is also crucial when considering the placement of your video projector. For example, if you plan on mounting the projector on the ceiling, then wireless connection is definitely needed. You don’t want wires running from the ceiling down to the ground. Not only is this an unsightly setup, but it can also be dangerous. 

For seamless setup, you can make your projector wireless using this guide



What is the best projector for home theater?

The best and top projector for theater at home is the Home Cinema 2150 Epson. This projector has a high contrasting ratio to deliver lifelike images that will transport you to the middle of the action. With the high ratio of contrast also comes a higher lumens rating for extra brightness and optimal performance in any movie setting.

What is the best projector for the money?

The best projector for the money is the HT2050A BenQ . This projector offers hours of lamp life and a ton of extra features including the coveted  technology DLP projector used in IMAX movies and different audio modes. It is also an award-winning projector in a reasonable price range.

Are budget projectors worth it?

Yes, budget projectors are worth it if you happen upon a good one or know what to look for. The contrast ratio, brightness, inch display technology, throw ratio and more are factors to consider when deciding on the best budget price range projector.

Our Top Pick For a Home Theater Projector Under 1000: Epson Home Cinema 2150

Our experts have chosen the Epson Home Cinema 2150 as the best projector under 1000. The relatively compact theater projector is optimized for a variety of lighting conditions without sacrificing picture quality. You can enjoy true HD1080p resolution from a short throw away.

The contrasting ratio reaches up to 60,000:1, for sharper and more lifelike images that look real. The device is also highly compatible with multiple media devices and can display content through mirroring and wireless connection.

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