The Best Equalizer Settings for Movies — Get Clear Sound & Dialogue!

To have that theater experience while watching movies at home, the sound quality should be excellent. Listening to inaudible dialogues and scattered sounds can make your movie experience a disaster. Worry not, as our sound engineers provide you some tips and tricks to have the best equalizer settings for movies. 

Root Causes of Muffled Sounds

There are several causes of muffled sounds when watching movies including the following: 

Tips & Tricks For Clearer, Better Audio

#1: Turn Off All Effects and Increase Volume

It is possible to get the best equalizer settings for movies. A few tweaks on its physical location and few adjustments on the audio settings will enhance movie sounds and dialogues. This will greatly improve your movie experience. 

equalizer knobs

To do this, turn your TV on, get your remote and go to ‘Menu’. Choose the Audio Setting, then  select ‘Reset All Settings’ to turn off all effects then increase the volume to hear the movie sounds and dialogues.

#2: Tweak Treble and Bass & Other Settings

Sometimes, speakers are tweaked to listen to music with loud bass sounds. When this setting is used in movie viewing, the bass sound can be amplified and the dialogues become inaudible. To solve this, bass, treble, and other settings must be adjusted. 

Go to the menu, choose audio settings and manually adjust equalizer [1] settings. Tweak the bass and other settings until the dialogues become clearer and the right sounds are amplified. 

#3: Position Your Speakers/Sound Source Properly

The position of the speakers can affect the sound quality it produces. When using soundbars with subwoofers, it is best to place it about 3” below the TV. This produces the optimum sound that directly reaches the viewer and is also reflected by the walls across the room. 

#4: Check the Quality of Audio or Movie File

There is also a possibility that low sound quality and muffled dialogues is due to poor quality movie files. Some files are rendered with low bit rate which causes it to have poor and distorted audio production. 

Samsung LED tv

To check this, play another movie file and if that file works perfectly, then the problem is the movie file itself. 

#5: Make Use of Your TV’s Internal Speaker

The connection between an external speaker and the TV can also be unstable, rendering a poor sound quality output. To check this, disconnect the external speaker from the TV and play the movie using the TV’s internal speaker. If this works, then it is better to use the internal speaker while watching movies. 


How do you EQ a movie?

To EQ a movie, you can adjust the settings in the equalizer. The first thing to tweak is the base as sometimes, the level is very high, thus producing low quality dialogue sounds. You may also adjust the treble for optimum sound quality. Other effects can be disabled to achieve an excellent movie experience. 


Achieving the best equalizer settings for movies is possible if you follow the tips our experts mentioned above. You can turn off all sound effects, adjust the treble and bass effects in the equalizer settings, adjust the position of the speakers. These are effective ways to get the best movie experience you always dreamt about. If all else fail, perhaps it’s time for you to get a new audio system that will cater to the demands of new audio formats and more.


Willie Greer
Willie Greer
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