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Purchasing a Double DIN Head Unit can be pricey but it can provide relief for multi-tasking purposes. It’s important to choose the best unit so you can avoid hassle and the need to spend more to upgrade further. To ensure both your safety and on-the-road enjoyment, our experts did the legwork and identified the top-performing double DINs available in the market.

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BOSS Audio
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Atoto A6
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Reviews of the Top Double DIN Head Units


BOSS Audio Systems BVNV9384RC Double DIN

The Boss Audio Systems Double DIN has everything you could expect for navigation and entertainment. It features a built-in GPS navigation system that offers maps in 2D and 3D. 

For flexible music enjoyment, it has a DVD and CD player, as well as slots for USB and SD. Its satellite radio caters to both AM/FM stations to stream music or news updates. Like other digital media receivers, its built-in Bluetooth allows for hands-free activities. 

The sound system includes subwoofer and pre-amp outputs so you can hook up your car speakers and improve the car’s sound system. Another plus is the rear video output which allows you to connect to an extra screen. 

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Rimoody Double DIN

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, you should consider the Rimoody Double DIN. This car stereo receiver comes with remote control and a rear backup camera. The Bluetooth connection allows for hands-free control in making and receiving phone calls, playing music, and others. 

Another plus is its dual camera inputs. When the car goes into reverse mode, the unit automatically switches to the rear display. Once done with parking, it will go back to the radio display. 

Though this head unit supports a mirror link function, it only allows an Android phone to be connected. Hence, it is called an android head unit. You can connect it using a cable plugged into a USB port. Rimoody also offers good customer support should you have any issues with your unit.

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The Bxliyer Double DIN unit offers an extra-large screen display for better viewing. It boasts a 10.1” stereo head unit screen size. The Bluetooth also provides hands-free calls, music streaming, and contact search. 

This also allows two apps to run at the same time, so you can use Spotify or any other audio streaming app while using the car navigation system. It has built-in Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and DSP with 64 EQ settings.  

This unit works on 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM. It also comes with an installation guide and tips with photos.

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P.L.Z MP-800 Double DIN

P.L.Z MP-800 double DIN head units are known for being highly responsive. It features a full-color display and ultra-rapid wake-up time. It also quickly connects to Android and iOS devices through a USB cable. 

The Bluetooth also allows for hands-free control. The steering wheel audio controls help in its ease of use. The sound system also has pre-amp and subwoofer outputs which give the factory speakers a boost if upgraded. It also has a 10-band EQ setting. 

The remote gives passengers wireless control over listening to music or other activities on the unit. 

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Kenwood DPX304MBT Double DIN

Kenwood DPX304MBT Double DIN features built-in Alexa with voice control. This feature is very important since you can browse music files, use Google Maps for navigation, or even make and receive calls without touching the head unit. 

You can control the head unit through your mobile device through the Kenwood app. The built-in Bluetooth of the car stereo allows for hands-free calling and audio streaming. 

It features a 13-band equalizer and drive EQ to tone down road noise while listening to music. Connecting two phones at the same time is possible for this double DIN stereo.

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This product has a 7” capacitive touch LCD display that is highly responsive and clear. It also supports both iOS and Android devices for mirror link. However, this device only has Apple CarPlay. 

The built-in charger allows you to charge your phone so you no longer have to worry about running out of battery while on the road. The high-quality HD radio features better AM/FM reception, with 30 preset stations included. 

The SJOYBRING double DIN car stereo has both pre-amp and subwoofer outputs. Like other head units, it shows the rearview camera display when the vehicle shifts into reverse.

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Atoto A6 Double DIN

Atoto A6 is one of the best double DIN units that we tested. It supports Android Auto and Apple CarPlay with steering wheel controls. It can also connect using its Wi-Fi or built-in Bluetooth. You can perform voice calls with the help of its built-in microphone, so you no longer need to shout to be heard. 

The unlimited storage allows you to save more songs that you can listen to while driving. The excellent quality issue to its pre-amp outputs. The large 7” touchscreen display makes controlling the system easier. 

The pre-installed Easy-connect App works well with iOs and Android phones and is best used to mirror the car head unit. 

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Double DIN Head Unit Buyer’s Guide

Now that we have provided the list of the top double DIN head units available in the market, let’s talk about what you need to look for if you want to buy one. Our experts summarized the things that you have to look for.


The peak power and RMS power is an important consideration when you want to purchase head units. Peak power is the maximum power that the unit can utilize in short periods, while RMS power is how much it can continually utilize.

If you want a head unit with higher power capabilities than your factory stereo, then installing a double DIN head unit is the answer. Installing this will ensure that you will experience heavier and punchier music. 

Comparing the power of your stereo unit and the DIN unit can be done by checking the box and comparing the numbers. Most run in 12V power, but some units can accommodate amping it until 24V. A unit with 20 RMS can be good for your car stereo sound system.


The double DIN unit should be easy to use. The interface should be easy to navigate so the driver won’t have a hard time using it. It should also have a good organization, so apps and files are not all over the screen. 

The layout of the screen should also make sense. Similar apps can be found in one folder for better filing. The control buttons should also be large enough so they will be easy to control. 

The touchscreen interface should also have a fast response and high precision not to cause any problems. As much as possible, there should be no bugs that will affect the performance of the display interface. 

The display interface is one of the first considerations of many buyers when choosing the best double DIN head units. Many users opt for bigger displays since this will provide a better viewing experience and easier navigation.

However, aside from the display, the clarity of the screen should also be a big consideration. This feature is especially important when driving at night, as a dim display will only cause problems in figuring out the interface.


The best thing that a double DIN can give you is to have a safer and easier driving experience. Since such head units have larger screens than normal mobile devices, the driver will not have a hard time using navigation apps. Hence, he will be safer from accidents. 

Some double DIN units also provide maps in 3D and 2D options as an added feature. Aside from that, an excellent double DIN head unit should allow updates on maps. Hence, it must allow internet connectivity so it can download any updates. 

For those with no built-in GPS systems in the head unit, the mirror link function can do the navigation and display it on the screen. 

The rear and front camera functionality are also necessary for navigating and parking in tight spaces. Most of the head units reviewed in this article come with a camera for the car’s rear side. Some even include a backup camera in the kit.  

To provide better assistance, choose one that automatically switches to the rear view display when the car goes into reverse mode. This is so the driver no longer needs to deal with other buttons. 


Connectivity to your mobile devices, as well as Bluetooth and the internet, is a very special feature that you should look for in a double DIN head unit. Many of the units reviewed in this article can accommodate Bluetooth connectivity as well as cable connectivity. Some allow access to the internet. 

Bluetooth connectivity is necessary for hands-free calling and choosing which songs to listen to in your car stereos. If the head unit also functions as an HD radio, it can connect to AM and FM stations. 

Screen mirror link is also a good feature to look out for. As the head unit provides a larger screen, the mirror link function can enable the user to look at the mobile device’s display into the head unit. Some allow mirror links through an app, while some through a cable. 

It is also best that the unit supports both Android Auto and Apple Carplay to have full control of your devices using the head unit. 

Another consideration is connectivity to additional components for a better sound system. Factory car stereos have outputs for subwoofers and preamps. Managing them should be done on the head unit.

Pre-Amp Outputs

If you plan to expand your car audio systems, then choose one that has multiple pre-amp outputs. This will allow you to send audio signals to your upgraded speakers. 

The pre-amp outputs determine and boost the signal that will be powered by the speaker. Hence, choose the unit that has multiple pre-amp outputs so you can truly elevate the listening experience inside your car. 

Safety Features

Driving a car can be made safer with the use of proper technology. Most double DIN head units available in the market nowadays offer a rear camera for additional safety. 

However, when choosing a unit, choose one that automatically switches the display into the view on the rear when the car goes in reverse mode. This should happen whatever the unit is displaying at the moment, be it if you are viewing a video or listening to music. 

Steering wheel control also helps in keeping the driver safe. Since he can control most functions through the steering wheel, he doesn’t need to take his sight away from the road.

Remote Control

A remote control allows the other passengers of the car to have control of the head unit. It is especially important when streaming music. Wireless remote controls are replaceable if lost.

Double DIN vs Single DIN Head Unit

The main difference between a double DIN and a single DIN head unit is the size. Single DIN units have a 2” height so it consumes only a smaller space than the other type. However, due to its size, features are also limited. 

Most cars will accept both sizes of double DIN stereos, but it’s hard to tell just by looking at the car stereo placement. Hence, it is best to check the car manual for the appropriate size so you won’t need to exchange the aftermarket head unit if it doesn’t fit your car. 

Since double DINs have a larger size, they feature a touchscreen display. A lot of advantages come with touchscreen displays. Our experts will discuss them in the next parts of this article.

What is a Double DIN Head Unit?

A DIN is a 2” x 8” opening into which a car stereo fits. Double DIN head units are also referred to as 2-DIN HU. These are head units that fit in two DINs. Since they have a touch screen display, the size is about 4” x 7”. Larger ones are available, but you may need to go or car customization on these cases. 

Since a double DIN is larger than a single DIN, replacing one with another is not easy.

Advantages of Using a Double DIN Head Unit

There are many advantages that a double DIN unit offers compared to its single DIN counterpart. Our experts listed the following:

  • Bluetooth connectivity: This feature allows you to connect to bluetooth compatible devices. This is important for file sharing when you want to stream songs or watch video clips. Aside from that, this connection allows for hands-free calls. 
  • Enhanced car audio system: Double DINs have advanced control on sound quality. Most units offer built-in resets and EQ choices. Aside from that, they have an output for pre-amp subwoofers so you can extensively upgrade the audio quality of your speakers. 
  • Touch screen control and larger display: This is one of the best features that double DINs offer. The touchscreen control offers easy access to apps. The larger display offers better safety, especially while driving and using the navigation app. 
  • A double DIN has an improved graphics interface [1] display. Since it boasts of a brighter and clearer display, you won’t have difficulty figuring out the contents even when driving at night. 
  • Multiple media connectivity: Offering different options to access media sources is really helpful. A double DIN stereo unit can offer connections via SD card, USB port for cables, CD, DVD players, or even an MP3 player. The PLZZ double DIN unit even offers a built-in charging station so you won’t have to worry about running out of battery while traveling in your car.
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Who makes the best double DIN head unit?

BOSS makes the best double DIN head unit. It features a visual and text-to-speech navigation guide with 2D and 3D maps. It also has a DVD/CD player and SD/USB ports for easy connectivity. 

The Bluetooth feature allows for hands-free calling. Sound quality is also better because it has an RDS tuner and preset EQ setup, as well as outputs for your preamp, internal amp, and subwoofers. Lastly, it also has steering wheel controls which enhances ease of use.

What's the best head unit for sound quality?

The BOSS Audio Systems double DIN is the best head unit for sound quality. It has multiple band EQ so you can choose which option is the best for your music. This is the best unit if you want to improve your car audio systems since it has multiple outputs. Hence, you can hook up additional speakers and subs. 

What should I look for in a double DIN head unit?

There are several things you should look for in a double DIN head unit. This includes a touchscreen display, compatibility to Apple Carplay or Android Auto, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, multiple outputs, and compatibility to rear and front camera.

Our Top Pick For a Double DIN Head Unit:
BOSS Audio Systems BVNV9384RC

Our top pick for this list is the BOSS Audio Systems double DIN head unit. It provides a built-in navigation system, bluetooth compatibility for hands-free calls and music streaming, satellite radio, EQ bands, and multiple outputs. With these advanced features plus a price that won’t break the bank, it is the best double DIN head unit according to our experts.

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