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If you want to get a thumping volume out of your speakers while spending so little, you need an 800-watt amp. This amp size can make a huge difference in terms of sound quality. However, there are tons of inferior 800-watt amps available, and one can easily become a victim. Our audio experts came up with this review to help you avoid this problem.

Premium Option
Polk Audio PA
Class-D Amp
Editor's Choice
Planet Audio
Car Amplifier
Budget Option
Boss Audio
Systems R4002
Car Amp

Reviews of the Top 800-Watt Amps


Planet Audio AC800.4 Car Amplifier

If you are looking for the best 800-watt amps to give you thumping bass and treble performance with low distortion, the Planet Audio AC800.4 is your ideal choice.

This fantastic car amp comes in a compact shape capable of powering up your two speakers and a sub efficiently. The best thing about the amp is that it uses low energy to give you the perfect bass and treble boost, thanks to the MOSFET technology.

At a low 2-ohm impedance, the amplifier powers the speakers comfortably without any power and volume reduction.

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Polk Audio PA D.4000.4 Class-D Amp

If you are looking to add more bass to your car audio system, the Polk Audio PA Class-D amp will do just that.

This amp is designed with durable and high-quality components to give you the best sound performance. Additionally, it’s constructed to withstand harsh conditions and offer the kind of power needed to boost your four speakers.

The amp can also power two subwoofers simultaneously. However, you need to bridge them for a reliable sound performance. It also features variable high-pass and low-pass filters to enable you to control the frequency.

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Boss Audio Systems R4002 Car Amp

Boss Audio Systems is one of the most popular brands for designing car amplifiers. Boss Audio Systems R4002 car amp can improve the sound quality of car speakers and sub at full range. 

This car amp is designed to power two speakers or a single sub if bridged. The sound from the speakers via this amp is clean and adds lots of excitement to what you are hearing. Unlike inbuilt car amps, the Boss Audio systems require a fairly large amount of power to produce peak performance.

The amp features a variable input control that enables it to be compatible with the signal from the inbuilt car amp for improved performance.

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Taramps DS 800X4 Amplifier

Taramps DS 800×4 is a beast when it comes to power delivery. This fantastic amp comes with input and output connections to give you more flexible control over the sounds from your speakers.

Thanks to its cutting-edge technology, this low-weight amp can offer varying sound boosts with low signal noise. This amplifier can power four speakers or two speakers and a sub at a full range when bridged.

It has a low energy consumption and minimal impedance, meaning that you shouldn’t expect so much distortion during sound reproduction. 

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800 Watt Amps Buyer’s Guide

Power Ratings

Car speakers need matching amps to boost power and improve sound quality. If the amp isn’t compatible with the speaker, it will affect the amp and damage the speaker’s driver. To avoid these issues, our team recommends that you look for the power rating (RMS) on the speaker and then find an amp that can offer between 75% – 150% of the rating.


The number of speakers will determine the number of channels you need. If there are two speakers available, a 2-channel amp can power them efficiently. You can also bridge the two channels to power a subwoofer. 

Type of Amplifier

There are four types that you can choose – Class A, B, AB, and D. Class A is more powerful than the rest because it reproduces high-frequency sounds. B consumes less heat than A when reproducing high-frequency sounds, and D consumes the least but is mainly designed for subs [1].

Our Top Pick for an 800 Watt Amp:
Planet Audio AC800.4 Car Amplifier

Our technical team of experts concludes that the Planet Audio AC800.4 Car Amplifier is the best 800-watt amp because of its incredible power and performance. The amplifier runs two speakers comfortably with minimal energy and low distortion. Additionally, it can reproduce low and high-frequency sounds and gives you maximum control over the bass boost.


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