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If you’re in search of televisions with a screen size of around 70-inch, expect your shopping quest to be harder than usual. With TV manufacturers more focused on smart TV functions, these similarly-sized models are often hard to come by. Fortunately, our experts found and tested the best 70-inch TV options to save you from wasting your money on a substandard unit. 

Premium Option
Vizio M70Q7-J03
Editor's Choice
Budget Option
Vizio V705-J LED
HDR Smart TV

Reviews of the Top 70-Inch TVs


Samsung QN70Q60AAQLED 4K TV

For homeowners who like to pay attention to excellent picture quality, our testers recommend Samsung QN70Q60AAQLED 4K TV. Thanks to its Quantum Dot display technology, we were able to view HDR content with good contrast. On top of that, this 70-inch TV has a Quantum Processor 4K Lite that provides precise visual details fit for streaming purposes. 

Get the best of its Android TV functions when you configure its SmartThings and Google Assistant settings. Through these, any compatible devices will automatically connect to your TV. 

Besides its high-quality visuals, more features also caught our attention, such as Quantum HDR technology that shows unfading deep blacks and pure whites on the TV screen. 




Vizio M70Q7-J03 Ultra HD LED TV

It’s not every day that you encounter a television with superior color volume features—which is why we went ahead and tested the VIZIO M70Q7-J03. Equipped with Dolby Vision technology, its notable and rich contrast definitely sets this TV apart from the rest.

Experience the perks of Android TV and Apple TV at the same time as this unit has seamless integration with Apple Airplay, Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, Google Home, and other smart home speakers. 

And If you’re using this television in your own home, rest assured that you won’t have a limited connection as this unit has Ethernet ports and SmartCast technology.




Vizio V705-J LED HDR Smart TV

It may be hard to believe, but the best 70-inch TVs can be affordable too. Under a grand, we assure you that you’ll find a great deal with VIZIO V705-J. Unlike other cheap TVs, this Vizio 2021 flagship model has a full-array backlight that maintains full HD contrast and deeper black levels. 

There are also many ways to navigate through this 70-inch new TV. In fact, our home theater had a convenient time using its magic remote capable of recognizing voice commands at a one-button push. 

And did you know that it also provides hundreds of channels free of charge? There’s no need to create an account or pay for subscriptions. 




Samsung UN70TU7000FXZA 4K Ultra HD TV

Samsung Televisions will always have a sweet spot in every top-tier television list, so our testers surely didn’t miss a chance to try the features of Samsung UN70TU7000FXZA

There is no need to worry about dark-room viewing anymore because this 70-inch model has an excellent contrast ratio. No matter where our testers place this TV, it still displays true and unfading colors that provide vivid details even in well-lit rooms. 

Similar to other 70-inch TVs on the list, it also has seamless integration with multiple voice assistants like Alexa and Google. 





Another reliable television we tested from a tech giant is Sharp PN-LE PN-LE701. Although not as popular as other TVs, this unit has a built-in digital tuner where users can start streaming local broadcast over-the-air channels. 

Besides being impressive streaming devices, these flat-screen TVs have better control in terms of depth, contrast, and brightness. Our team also had no problem hooking it up with computers because it has four HDMI inputs to suit any setup needs. 

Like other modern TVs, this television has a solely dedicated Full-array LED Backlighting. Through this, users can expect to get the most out of your HDR multimedia content with clearer image quality. 




LG 70UN7370PUC 4K Smart UHD TV

More than anything else, what caught our team’s eyes during the testing was the slim design of LG 70UN7370PUC. With its sleek and minimalist construction, we reckon that this unit won’t take much space no matter what setup you choose to place it. 

Integrated with a Quad-Core Processor 4K, any multimedia content can seamlessly transform into a stunning 4K resolution. This TV also has wide-viewing options that we highly recommend for users inclined to use game consoles. 

In addition to that, this Samsung television features a low latency mode. With this function, it can detect the gaming environment and provide less motion blur or lag. 

(Having issues with your remote control? You can check our guide about resetting the remoted control of LG TV




LG UHD 70 Series 4K Smart TV

Thrills of cinematic viewing are without a doubt the biggest edge of LG UHD 70 Series 4K Smart TV in this product roundup of 70-inch TVs. With the perfect combination of Dolby Atmos and Vision, our team was able to enjoy room-filling sound along with realistic image quality. 

Its voice control feature also gave us convenient access to the bottomless list of online content. Unlike a typical full HD TV, this LG television has Auto Low Latency Mode optimization that adjusts the visual and audio responsiveness according to your gaming environment. 

(For more options, you can also check how great TCL televisions are in this link



70-Inch TV Buyer’s Guide


On top of every TV feature checklist, our experts will always suggest choosing a television with decent resolution. This metric is the indicator of how many pixels your screen’s picture is made of [1]. Generally, higher resolution often equates to better picture quality.  

(For more screen options, you can check how 720p and 1080p 32-inch TV differ here

Color Accuracy

The ability of your TV to adapt precise colors, depth, and brightness is crucial to achieving a satisfying viewing experience. This feature is especially important for users who like streaming HDR multimedia content. 

Among different panel types, QLED panels are known superior to its OLED TV alternatives for their better color precision. Our team suggests selecting a TV with great pre-calibration color accuracy to assure accurate image processing.

Refresh Rate

If you’re into high frame rate gaming, it’s a no-brainer to get television with minimum refresh rates ranging from 60 Hz to 120 Hz. Through this feature, our team assures users that they will less likely bump into any motion-handling problems during the gameplay. 

Response Time and Latency

To avoid blurry and smeared image quality, your chosen TV must have a fast response time. You may not know it, but this function indicates the responsiveness of your display and how much time it takes to make up an image. 

On the other hand, having low latency TVs mainly corresponds to the quickness of your game inputs. So it’s equally important as well. 

Smart Features

It’s very rare for a 70-inch TV not to have smart features in today’s market. As a matter of fact, most recent releases from manufacturers have built-in integration with popular streaming channels like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, and Disney Plus. 

Besides that, our resident cinephiles also recommend getting a TV that supports web browsing for versatile content viewing.

(Finding better ways to watch air channels? Well, you can check whether your Smart TV needs an antenna here

Sound Quality

Admit it or not, but what is good quality television without immersive sound? While many will argue that you can always integrate an external sound system on your TV, our home theater experts beg to differ. Having a unit with great sound quality will save you not only space but also money in the long run. 

Inputs and Outputs

Without any doubt, the wired connections of your TV will always be a crucial factor to consider. First and foremost, our experts would like you to check if your chosen model has enough HDMI ports similar to the connectivity in Amazon Fire Television 50 of Omni Series to facilitate different types of setup. It’s also important that there’s a USB slot option available for other audio and video sources you’ll decide to connect with your television.

Wireless Connectivity

Do your smart TV have Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection? Let’s face it. Convenience will always relate to the wireless connectivity of any electronic device available on the planet. While not every home may need Bluetooth or Wi-Fi, it’s certainly a required feature when streaming or casting online content on your TV screen.

Price and Warranty

Considering that you’re looking for massive-sized TVs, it’s no surprise that most options can go over $1000, and some exceed $2000. However, you’ll also find some under 1000 bucks that can definitely go up against the features of premium brands out there. For availing warranties, always make sure to buy directly or find authorized sellers to keep its perks. 


What is the recommended seating distance from a 70-inch TV?

The recommended seating distance from a 70-inch TV is around 6 feet to 9 feet. If you have  75-inch TVs, the distance should adjust to 6.5 feet up to 9.5 feet. Typically, experts would recommend sitting at a distance five times your TV screen’s size. 

Our Top Pick For a 70-Inch TV:
Samsung QN70Q60AAQLED 4K TV

While selecting the option that would fit most modern homes, our experts decided to pick Samsung QN70Q60AAQLED as the best 70-inch TV out of the seven highly recommended televisions. While there are tough contenders, we chose this unit for its multiple compatibility features and impressive visual quality that’ll add value to any home theater setup. 

For more screen size options, you can also check the list below: 

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