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A 6×8 speaker for your car is one that requires very minimal installation. However, will the ease of setup come at a cost to the sound quality? No one wants an upgraded car audio system that sounds like factory speakers. Our auto and media teams will make sure this doesn’t happen with a review of the best 6×8 speakers for your car.

Premium Pick
Editor’s Choice
Infinity Reference 8632CFX
Budget Option
Alphasonik AS68

Reviews of the Top 6x8 Speakers


Infinity Reference 8632CFX

The Infinity Reference 8632CFX coaxial speakers come in a pair. As 2-way speakers, they are able to produce crisp sound on a wider sound spectrum. The high sensitivity of 93dB allows your new speakers to be louder than other models while still delivering a well-balanced sound.

Infinity Reference imbues the 8632CFX with Plus One woofers, which are larger than other woofers found on other car speakers. The bigger surface area allows for more expansive sound and enhanced mids. The baskets are also created to fit most vehicles without much hassle. 





The JVC CSJ6820 is one of the best speaker options for sound, with a frequency response of 35 Hz to 22,000 Hz. The sensitivity rating sits at 92dB, which also brings encompassing sound to your vehicle. 

The poly-mica cone woofer works seamlessly with the poly-ether imide balanced tweeter to bring you high-quality sound that will put your old factory speakers to shame.

Upon installation, our audio team found that EQ adjustments weren’t necessary to realize the difference during high, mid, and low tone production. 

Installation is simple with the JVC CSJ6820, so simple, in fact, that you won’t need professional help!




Alphasonik AS68

The Alphasonik AS68 are very affordable aftermarket speakers that give you 3-way sound. The coaxial speakers also come with mounting holes to make integration easier, and the speaker grilles are included as well.

They are one of the top 6×8 speakers for power handling. Combined, the AS68 can reach up to 700 watts at peak power, all the while still ensuring clear sound.

The AS68 6×8 speakers have an excellent bass response and can reach down to 28 Hz, which is impressive for a coaxial speaker. The low mounting depth will also add to the overall appearance of these car speakers.




Kenwood KFC‑C6866S

The Kenwood KFC-C6866S speaker pair comes with paper cones that are lightweight and allow for high excursion. The 1-inch PEI balanced dome tweeter will provide better sound quality than other speakers that use lower quality tweeters. 

Get ready for a more dynamic sound with the Sound Field Enhancer, which is included to help with sound clarity. An enlarged circuit magnet is also present in these 2-way coaxial speakers to boost sound quality even further. 

The KFC-C6866S car speakers also come with a lower mounting depth, giving them higher compatibility with vehicle models.  





Our audio team is a big fan of JBL. The brand uses high-quality materials in their speaker construction that helps produce smoother sound. The CLUB8620 from JBL offers great bass quality with Plus One polypropylene woofer cones and edge-driven PEI balanced dome tweeters. These components will take care of the low and mid-range sounds and add clarity to the high range.

The sound from the 2-way coaxial speakers is so impressive they could pass as component speakers. The car audio loudspeakers have a high sensitivity rating plus low impedance for efficiency.




Kicker 43DSC6804

The Kicker D series speakers such as the 43DSC6804 are made to provide a precise sound and fit for most vehicles. There will be no need for drills and heavy-duty overhauls to get these into your car door. They are reliable speakers and will provide an upgrade from your car factory speakers even at high volumes.

The Kicker 43DSC6804 units feature foam surrounds and polypropylene cones that will simulate realistic audio from each car speaker. The highly sensitive DS motor helps with higher power handling with help from an external amplifier. 




Pyle PL6183BK

The Pyle PL6183BK is one of the most reliable 6×8 car speakers for the price, but they still fall a little short compared to the Alphasoniks. For those looking for a very low cost, these are a good option. The three-way speakers have a 400-watt peak power handling and 200 watts RMS. 

The high-density rubber magnet, piezo tweeters, and poly-injection speaker cones come together to bring close to full-range sound to your car’s interior. Feel free to play your music for long hours, thanks to the ASV voice coil that can handle high temperatures.



6x8 Speaker Buyer’s Guide

The best 6×8 speaker should give you crystal clear and accurate sound, but not all car speaker units are created the same. Our audio experts have listed the top most desirable traits to look for in speakers that will boost your car’s stereo system.


The first quality to look at is the power rating. After all, it has a direct impact on the sound quality. There are two separate power ratings – the watts RMS and the peak power. How much power do you want in your car speakers? The more power, the louder the sound, but our experts remind you that there are other factors that contribute to the volume as well.

The RMS rating is what readers should focus on. This is the rating for how loud you can play your speakers without risking damage over time. On the other hand, the max or peak power output is the manufacturer’s rating for how loud you can play your speakers in short bursts. Because it’s not recommended over a long period, the max power is usually higher than the RMS rating.

Sound Quality and Bass

How are the sound quality and the bass? There are a few key characteristics to look for to determine how good the speakers sound. You can look for unique construction and advanced technologies to enhance audio and the type of speaker as well.

For example, many of the options our audio engineers have included in the list feature Plus One woofer cones. This means they are larger than regular cones, and the bigger surface area allows for richer bass and clearer highs. 

The Sound Field Enhancer function in the Kenwood model is an example of technology that will also improve the audio of your car speakers. An Acoustic Sound Harmonizer is another advanced technology that will deliver lifelike sound. 

Then there is the type of speaker to consider. 6×8 speakers usually come in 2-way or 3-way designs. 2-way speakers feature a woofer and a tweeter to handle the highs and lows of the sound spectrum. The drivers need to work together in a 2-way model to create the mids.

In a 3-way design, there are separate dedicated drivers for the low, mid, and high range notes. As you can imagine, 3-way speakers offer better audio quality in general and more precise sound. 

Our audio team reminds you that this is not always the case. Very poorly constructed 3-way speakers will have nothing on the sound production of high-end 2-ways, which is why we recommend considering all the features of your car speakers as a whole.

(For impressive sound, you can check Bluetooth speakers with the loudest sound here

Frequency Response

The best 6×8 speakers will produce an excellent frequency range response. The key to enjoying awesome sound isn’t just the build quality but also the range your speakers cover. The human audible frequency range is between 20Hz to 20kHz, so your best bet for unlocking audio you have never experienced before is by making sure your speakers can reach as close to the two extremes as possible.

If the speakers in question can cover the full audible range [1], then they are considered full-range speakers. Full-range speakers may cost a bit more, but they are excellent choices for realistic sound. 

The frequency response is also imperative if you plan on connecting your speakers to an amp. A built-in crossover, for example, will make sure to allocate the correct frequencies to their corresponding drivers. Our audio professionals suggest looking for an integrated concealed crossover. 

Sensitivity and Impedance

The sensitivity rating of speakers is in direct correlation to the loudness. It’s the definition of how well your speakers can convert power into volume. A sensitivity rating around 88dB is very common, but our sound engineers always recommend 90 or above if possible. Luckily for 6×8 speakers, they usually hit above 90dB. 

The impedance refers to how much resistance the speaker has to the electrical current. In other words, it’s how easily you can power your speakers. Common impedance ratings are 2, 4, 6, and 8 ohms. The lower the impedance, the more efficient your speaker is. 

Material Durability

The construction of your 6×8 car speakers also has a lasting impact on performance and durability. Aside from the materials used to build the drivers, you also need to look at the overall construction of the speaker itself.

While you want the toughest materials for long-lasting wear, you also want to be sure the materials don’t impede sound production. Let’s take a silk dome tweeter, for example. A silk dome tweeter is the best for frequency response with a wider dispersion.

For woofer cones, polypropylene is durable and allows for adequate airflow, sound dispersion, and excursion. Our sound team recommends a rubber surround for durability, but foam surrounds are more lightweight and affordable.

Many of the units on our list and other Infinity speakers, Pioneer speakers, Rockford Fosgate speakers, and even Alpine speakers offer consumers a wide range of material choices. Not only will your selection impact the sound production, but it will also influence the lifespan of the speaker. 

Coaxial vs Component Speakers

Not only do you have to consider 2 or 3-way speakers, but you also have to decide on coaxial or component speakers.

Coaxial speakers are sort of like an all-in-one design, and a single speaker may feature drivers for different purposes. Most 6×8 speakers are coaxial, and they have cones to handle the highs, mids, and lows. Component speakers are speakers that are part of a larger system. 

A component speaker is just one type of driver, and many of them need to come together to create a full system. So, which is better? That depends entirely on your preference.

Component speakers sound better in comparison, but they require more work to install. On the other hand, they do give you more placement flexibility and EQ customization. Coaxial speakers offer hassle-free installation and don’t require you to mix and match separate components.

Installation and Compatibility

None of the above matters if your speakers are not suited for your vehicle. Luckily, most 6×8 speakers are made for easy installation. There will be minimal work to fit them into your car door. Coaxial speakers, as we said, are easier to install. 

Our professional team suggests this type of speaker for beginners and those who don’t want to spend much time on their sound system. For a better sound that expert audiophiles enjoy, our sound engineers would recommend the component speakers.

You must also check to see if the speakers you have your eye on are a good fit for your car. Identify the size of the speaker cutouts to make sure your new car speakers won’t require a professional installation. Other than being easy to integrate into your car, the user manual should also feature clear step-by-step instructions on how to set everything up.

Hopefully, your speakers will come with the mounting hardware, necessary wires, and grilles to help make the process easier.  

(For more great products for your car, you can consider getting high-quality Android stereo as well) 

Price Range

Another very fortunate trait about 6×8 speakers is they are usually affordable. They rarely exceed a couple of hundred dollars, and there are very cost-efficient choices that don’t even hit $50! Take a look at your established budget, the sound quality you want, and the extra features to find the 6×8 speaker for you. 

Keep in mind that more affordable speakers run the risk of blowing out easier and producing poor-quality audio. This isn’t always the case, which is why our experts put together the buyer’s guide to help you sort through subpar products. 


Are 6x8 speakers any good?

Yes, 6×8 speakers are good. They are the perfect size for minimal installation hassle, and they can still come in 2 or 3-way designs that produce an expansive soundstage. These speakers are also very budget-friendly and won’t cost you extra to install them into your vehicle.

Which is better 6x8 or 6.5 speakers?

6×8 speakers are better than 6.5 speakers. They can deliver decent highs, mids, and lows, while the 6.5 options may need a bit of help. But it also depends on the construction. Poorly built 6×8 speakers will not hold a candle to high-end 6.5 speakers.

Our Top Pick For a 6x8 Speaker:
Infinity Reference 8632CFX

Our audio team has chosen the Infinity Reference 8632CFX as the best 6×8 speaker. The pair of 2-way coaxial car speakers can produce dynamic sound with a wide frequency production and high sensitivity rating. The speakers utilize an edge-driven textile tweeter and Plus One woofers for higher bass and mid-range output.

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