What is the Best 65-Inch TV Under 1000? (2021)

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As you may already know, it’s quite a challenge to find reliable widescreen TVs with a low budget. However, did you know that some top-rated manufacturers offer the widest TVs under 1000 bucks? Let our home theater experts introduce you to some money-saving TV selections that’ll surely elevate your viewing experience without breaking the bank. 

Best Image Quality
Q60A Series
Editor's Choice
Sony X80J
65 Inch TV
Best Smart Features
TCL 65-Inch
HDR Smart Roku TV

Reviews of the Top 65-Inch TVs Under 1000


Sony X80J 65 Inch TV

As a product manufactured by a trusted brand, the seamless integration and detailed contrast of the Sony X80J 65 Inch TV was something that our testers already expected. More than that, what caught our eyes the most is this unit’s immersive color and gradation owed to its TRILUMINOS Pro technology. 

Unlike typical TVs, this Sony flagship model features a Motionflow XR refresh rate. This function enables users to enjoy clear and smooth motion when watching sports or action movies. 

During our tests, streaming didn’t become a problem because this model is supported by different services like Google TV, Hulu, Netflix, and many more. 




SAMSUNG Q60A Series 65-Inch Class QLED Smart TV

Televisions with vivid colors are among any cinephile’s dream for their home theater setup. That’s why we couldn’t resist the urge to include SAMSUNG Q60A Series 65-Inch Class QLED Smart TV in this product roundup. This premium TV has Quantum Dots technology that delivers a display with 100% color volume. 

Many movie producers also prefer releasing high-frame-rate films nowadays, so we’re sure it’ll suit this TV unit’s smooth and clear details. And if you have a smart home system, you’ll be pleased to know that this model has built-in Alexa integration.

(If you are wondering about this brand, you can check our page about the origin of Samsung TVs here




TCL 65-Inch HDR Smart Roku TV

The option with the lowest cost among the best 65-inch TV under 1000 dollars is TCL 65-inch HDR Smart Roku TV. Despite being the cheapest on the list, this TV model stood out for its smart features like built-in Chromecast functions and Google Assistant compatibility. 

Besides that, this TCL television is compatible with many streaming applications. In fact, we didn’t have any problems accessing the content we wanted. The whole set-up was easy as well because this specific model has voice control and simplistic menus.

Its 4K UHD resolution adds to its charm, as our testers experienced exceptional image processing performance thanks to its HDR technology.

(To appreciate more the brand, you can check how good TCL TVs are here



Buyer’s Guide for 65-Inch TVs Under 1000

Visual Quality and Display Technology

More than anything else, a widescreen TV like the ones our experts listed need a decent visual quality and resolution. To fully enjoy streaming movie content, it’s not a secret that you’ll need a 4K Ultra HD TV display. Our team also recommends selecting ones with HDR technology so that you can have an exceptional viewing experience. 

Connectivity Options

Connectivity options, such as input and output [1], determine your freedom to expand the capabilities of your chosen television set. The majority of 65-inch TVs have HDMI ports meant for enhancing video and audio output qualities. On top of that, our experts also advise you to check if your TV has wireless capabilities for easier integration with other devices. 

Smart Features

Investing in a premium television also meant that you’d need to check its smart features. While not everyone needs it, having TVs compatible with streaming apps can be advantageous for cinephiles like us. 

Besides that, some models have voice control functions that can help if you prefer a modern take on your home theater set-up.

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Our Top Pick For a 65-Inch TV Under 1000:
Sony X80J 65 Inch TV

After testing several brands, our resident cinephiles eventually concluded and hailed Sony X80J 65 Inch TV as the best 65-inch TV under 1000 dollars. With its wireless connectivity, vast streaming options, and impressive audio and video technology, there is no doubt that this TV model will suit both your budget and viewing needs. 


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