List of Apps for Sony Smart TVs

Do you have a brand new Sony Smart TV and want to explore its featured apps? Or are you checking if it has all the apps built in for a much better viewing experience? Then, you’re at the right place. 

In this post, our technical team will detail the apps for Sony Smart TVs and how you can download those you wish to add. Read on!

List of Apps Available on Sony Smart TVs

There are many applications available on your Sony Smart TV. These include the following:

Sony Smart TV apps

Aside from that, you may want to add Sony-designed applications on your TV for a better viewing experience. You can install the following apps:

Streaming Apps

Of course, a smart TV without any streaming app is boring, right? So Sony makes sure to have them available to you for the best viewing experience. 

watching on Sony TV

Here are the streaming apps you can enjoy through your Sony Smart TV besides the popular Netflix, Prime Video, and YouTube: 

Where Can You Find the Apps on a Sony Smart TV?

Sony Bravia Android TV, in particular, comes with a variety of featured apps that you can access through the home screen. While some apps are built-in, others need subscriptions to stream. 

remote and tv

You can find the applications on your Sony Smart TV by checking the tabs on top of your TV’s home screen. 

See the Search, Home, Discover, and Apps on the home screen. When you click on the Apps, you can see the applications installed on your TV. 

Alternatively, you can go to the Search button and type in the application you want to access. 

How Do I Get More Apps on My Sony Smart TV?

If you want to get more apps on your Sony Smart TV, you need to download and install your desired applications. To do this, refer to the instructions below:

  1. From the Home Menu, go to the Google Playstore. 
  2. Scan through the categories and search for the application you wish to add to your TV. 
  3. Then, choose the application you want to install, then select Install. 
  4. Select the Accept option to begin the process of installation. 
  5. Just wait for the installation process to complete, and it will eventually appear on your TV’s Home Menu after it’s been successfully installed. 
Sony TV

Disclaimer: Certain Android [1] apps will not be available to download from the Google Play store. Only those that are compatible with Smart TV will be accepted. 

There is a long list of TV apps available to download. Also, the Google Play app for televisions only supports apps that are compatible with the device. So other apps that are not supported will not be displayed.


How do I download Google Play Store on my Sony Bravia TV?

To download Google Play Store, press the input button on your TV’s remote, tap “+Edit,” then search and select the Google Play Store. It will be added to the available apps on your TV, and you can now access it to download and install other apps. 

Do Sony TVs have all apps?

Sony TVs have many apps available, but not all apps are built-in. Also, you can download and install more apps on a Sony Smart TV. But not all apps are compatible with the device. So, update your TV’s software regularly for easy app access and installation.  


Leading TV manufacturers, like Sony, ensure that customers like you can have their best viewing experience by pre-installing apps that you might find entertaining and useful. 

Now you have a glimpse of the apps for Sony Smart TVs, you can easily navigate through the interface and find or add the app you wish to access. Enjoy!  


Willie Greer
Willie Greer
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